Your big breasts are just fine the way they are, they are not "oversized," they are the perfect size for you. Your big bum isn't "too big," either, it's fine, it's your size, perfect for you. 

I won't be mincing words in this article, and I'm sincerely not sorry, I'm not sorry because I'm tired. I'm tired of seeing ladies ashamed of the body they have, I'm tired of seeing ladies think their bodies will make people sin even after dressing to cover up properly. I'm sincerely tired. 

Which one are we going to talk about? Is it the lady that almost got surgeries done because she felt her hips were too pronounce and everywhere she went, no matter how big the clothes she wore were, heads would turn?

Is it the teenage girl that was bodyshamed  by her fellow girls that her breasts are too big, and as a result, her confidence level fell, such that she couldn't call out their wrongs because her innocent body would be shamed, and according to her, she wish she had a flat chest. What?! How did we get here? 

Is it the ones that constantly pad their body parts so that it will look big enough, as they are tired of people asking them why their backs are not looking big enough, or why their chests are not heavy, something they that control. 

Sis, drop those masks, tear them away, discard them and come out to own your identity. Own it. How long will you live with this deception? 

Let me ask though, what size is the "perfect size?" what size is the best? Why are we setting standards that we weren't created to measure up to? Do you even know what's funny? the bar keeps getting raised. Raised by society, raised by snide comments from people. Family, friends, neighbors... 

You must learn to shut your ears to them else they will push you to do things you never intended doing. They will push you to the place of ingratitude, they will push you to ask asking God why he made you this way. They will push you, so learn to shut your ears. Learn to stop them in their tracks too. 

Remind yourself that when God created you, he looked at you and called you GOOD. You’re loved, beautiful, crafted with several drops of essence, you’re made in his image and likeness. Remind yourself.

This brings to mind, there was a time having big breasts was the "thing," and people went to get surgeries done to increase the size of their breasts, after a while, it faded, those that have silicon implants are going back to remove them. 

Now, it is having the curviest shape. People are doing all manner of surgeries that perfectly carves the hips. Very soon, it's going to change. 

Fam, please listen, the society is NOT consistent, the society is sometimes confused. You can't flow with the waves of the society and not get bruised. The society raises the bar and lowers it, and you cannot keep up. The society is not consistent, but I know one who is. He made you. He is God. GOD IS CONSISTENT.  

You are his perfectly carved work of art. Stop going to bed thinking about that lady that 'joked' with calling you a flat bumbum, don't take to heart the comment that refers to you as a flat chest. You are perfect the way God has made you. 

Sis, God had your future in mind while making you, and that includes your future partner. That "Christian mother hand" everyone is blaming you for having is what other people will fall in love with. You don't need everyone to love you actually. You don't need everyone's approval. 

How boring would the world be if everyone had your shape, how would it look if everyone had your size? See, God does the best job when it's comes to creation. 

You know what's more important? That he decided to dwell in our hearts. It means this skin is just a beautiful container privileged to host God, and yeah, it comes in different shapes and sizes. Show me a more creative God. A king I Stan. A true king 🙌

Sis, get comfortable in your skin. It is not a holy thing feel shame. It is not holy to lack confidence. Dress to cover up, and dress well. 

Did, from today, wear a new attitude. Never again should you wish you were smaller, bigger, fatter, taller, slimmer. DON'T. Eat well, and eat healthy, appreciate that skin God has giving you. 

Hey sis, have I told you to look in the mirror? Go ahead, take a look at a full mirror, what do you see? Gosh!  A spec. A full SPEC. Asanwa 👑 

“God’s perfect work of art!”

Believe me when I say this, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL

#B_Y_G #BeautifulYetGodly

Written by: Beautiful_Yet_Godly

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