The extraordinary life of the late Dr. Myles Munroe, a Bahamian Pastor, Teacher, Bestselling Author and International Motivational Speaker.

 Dr. Munroe wrote about sixty (60) books, with forty-nine (49) being best sellers. Dr. Munroe was a sought after Global Motivational Speaker visiting over one hundred and thirty countries. Munroe also made his greatest impact to the world as a Business Coach to Fortune 500 Companies teaching the principles of Leadership from a biblical perspective. 

Dr. Munroe, along with eight others, died tragically in a plane crash on 9th November 2014.

Born in 1954, Munroe grew up in one of the poorest towns in the Bahamas. Munroe lived with his parents and 10 siblings in a two-bedroom house. In the early years, Munroe and his brothers slept on the floor among rats and cockroaches. At the age of thirteen, he read the four Gospel Books of the New Testament namely Matthew, Mark, John and Luke as he began to question if God was prejudiced. At that time the Bahamas was a British Colony of the United Kingdom and, although the population was primarily black, all the power and economic clout was in the hands of the white minority comprising mainly of United Kingdom nationals.

By fourteen years old, Munroe memorized the said books of the New Testament that helped to give him a new perspective on life that nothing was impossible.

Munroe retold the story that, at age of fourteen, he found out who he was after a Teacher, named Mr. Robertson from the UK called him a ‘black monkey’. In fact, Munroe added that this said Teacher insulted him saying that he was “retarded” and that “black people cannot learn sophisticated things.” Feeling humiliated and inhumane, Munroe went home and told his mother of the insults. Immediately she got a Bible and instructed him to Ephesians 3:20 which reads: “Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us.” 

This new thinking changed Munroe’s life for the better and he began to prosper. After realizing that the power was not in his Teacher, but that it lived within him, Munroe educated himself and graduated top of the school thereafter. Munroe went on to attend University and obtained three Bachelor Degrees, a Master’s Degree and 5 Doctorates which were bestowed upon him by five different Universities.

There is a great, redemptive and emotional ending to the encounter with regard to the Teacher, Mr. Robertson. Munroe recounted that one time when he visited England to facilitate a leadership training conference, and at a book signing at the hotel, he met Mr. Robertson who wanted him to autograph two of his books he had bought. Mr. Robertson who had by that time was very old, introduced himself to Munroe and apologized for way he treated him as a student. 

Munroe said that he responded to him with these words. “Mr. Robertson, don’t you ever again underestimate a human.” Both gentlemen hugged and kissed. This ending of this initial sad episode demonstrated several life lessons including, a redemptive spirit, the power of forgiveness and that by being success, you can silence your critics.

Dr. Munroe’s ministry was based primarily on the view that everyone was born with a purpose and with gifts to be used for the betterment of humanity. “The greatest tragedy in life is not death,” he wrote, “but a life without a purpose.”

 He also placed emphasis on the Kingdom of God and highlighted that the entire Bible, including with the message of Jesus, revolves around the Kingdom of God and not a religion.

Dr. Munroe’s rise to fame was incredible and is truly an inspirational story for ordinary people to emulate or aspire to be. His life story epitomizes the saying that persons should not allow their hereditary to determine their destiny.

 In other words, no matter how much mankind tries to keep you down, they cannot succeed because promotion comes from God. Munroe’s story gives hope to all of us who came from humble beginnings.

 _Source: The Anguillian_

He's books have really been a blessing to us on this platform. Be sure to have more. 

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