Shadows of shackles!!!

They are chains.

They are repellers of blessings.

They makes someone stagnant.

No evolution from them.

Myserable they chained their victims.

But for every problem there is a solution.

Thorough and reliable solution is this one I know.

Several years ago a boy named gift was given birth to in the village of ebun which was situated in the outskirts of the Western part of the country.

Few days after the birth of this boy, a stranger visited his parents and delivered to them this message saying "Now that you have this gift from God, I want you to take note of two things which will play a very vital role in the life of your son"

The parents nodded in agreement as the stranger went further saying "The first thing to note is that your support in the training of this boy in the way he should go will play a vital role to his attainability of success in life. Secondly, his response to the things available for him will determine his attainability in life. So I beseech you to keep watch over this gift with dilligency and consistency because in him are greater gifts, abilities and potentials to be birth to the world."*

The parents of the boy thanked the stranger for the message and he left.

As the boy grew up, prior to the message from the stranger his parents try within their best to see to that which was said to them of their son by the stranger.


Something happened!!!

Something that made the boy forgot he had an appointment to birth abilities, potentials and gifts that will bring revolution to people around him and to the world at large.

He went into the world and forgot that he was warned not to stare at other people's abilities.

He went into the world and allowed himself to be won over by the world even after being told to study daily so as to be equipped, quickened, renewed and approved unto good works.

He went into the world and allowed vain philosophies, ideas, verdicts, opinions and suggestions to killed his drive.

He was made to believed that fornication is worth trying and he was deceived into believing that which the word asked him to flee from.

He was told that watching of pornographic videos would made him do better when he got married.

Earthly pleasures and pressures took over the father's business from him.

It now become chains of perdition linking to chains of perdition.

From fornication to pornography,from pornography to masturbation, from masturbation to smoking, from smoking to bullying and to... oh no other things of the flesh that were tagged " *little sins"* 

Where is the gift that was asked to birth his abilities to the world?

Where is he!!!, in the dungeon of worldly indulgence.The indulgence then turned him into a competitor as he had forgotten that he was supposed to become a Kingdom asset but not just a mere earthly competitor. 

He forgot that he was asked to walk worthy of the vocation where he was called into.

He forgot that he can be that Moses to Israel.

He forgot that he can be that Aaron to Moses.

it never dawn on him that he can be that Benny hinn of his time.

He even closed his heart into believing that he can be that Paul chosen unto the gentiles of his time.

Was he sent for a purpose?

Definitely. He was sent for a purpose but if he refuses to fixed himself into that purpose would it not affects some lives connected to his calling?

Maybe but one thing is sure, if he continue like that he will be replace by someone else.

He fixed himself into the wrong place, wasting away his life, neither useful for himself nor for God. 

One day he remembered the words 

 *"Please don't stare at other people's own lest you will loose grip of this treasure"* but he wasn't moved.

As each day moved swiftly, he was going deeper into the depth of the things of the flesh. He was drawing closer to the pit of destruction.

Oh flesh thou killer. 

Oh chains of destruction.

Oh fetters of stagnation.

He was somehow tired of his lifestyle, he was wearied, he was burdened but those chains hold fast unto him refusing to let him go.

No one to rescue him.


one day, as he was walking dejectedly down the street, in deep thought of how he has wasted time and neglected his purpose on earth, he met with a young girl about his age who told him this.

 "Mr gift you are in a rented apartment and you will give account of how you use it to the owner of it one-day"

Who is the owner of the house?" gift asked looking puzzled

" *God* " the stranger replied him

"What is this house? He went into further questioning

" *Life* " the stranger said 

"Your life belongs to God and you will give an account of how you live it one day.

Your speech, your movement, things you eat, things you listened to , all you do will be accounted for.

One important thing to note about this house of yours is that it belongs to God and you will surely give an account of how well you make use of it. There will be no excuse, no pleading or blaming of anyone on how you use it " added the stranger.

She went further.....

"if anyone have become a victim of peer pressure, wordly pleasures, addictions, strive, betrayal, earthly challenges or dazing problems.

 if anyone has been chained by the fetters of harassment, masturbation, low self esteem or lack of godly virtues let him come unto the throne of grace. 

For his grace is abundantly available unto those that are ready to part ways from the world. He said "come unto me all ye that labour and are heavy laden and I will give you rest" 

Gift, you have given yourself for the devil to use for so many wastage years, fruitless years and years that add no value to lives and his work and until you can purge yourself, you won't be sanctified and until sanctification takes place you can't meet for the masters use" the young girl explained.

Gift watched her as tears began to rolled down his cheeks. he felt some inner peace within him, those words really pierced into his spirit and body and they are doing wonders within his soul.

The young girl looked at him, tapped him gently on the shoulder and said some words to comfort him "Now that you are genuinely ready to be free from those shadows of fetters, now that you are ready to surrender yourself totally to Jesus Christ and now that you are ready to birth those abilities that creation had earnestly been waiting for.

Repeat after me

"Everlasting father, i surrender myself totally to you,I genuinely do one thing now by completely forgetting this past. I invite the holy Spirit to kill my flesh. I refuse to be a slave to the flesh, I know my right now as powerful to subdue all works of the flesh by waring against them using the weapons of warfare which are strong and mighty Amen" this was the simple prayer and gift was delivered from the chains of fleshy works. 

Dear reader, the above short story is to give you a view of what you might have been engaging your life with at this very moment. Just like that!! You might have been wondering. It is very possible for the most chronic worker of iniquity to be converted and transformed within a twinkling of an eye. Ask  Apostle Paul. That is the power of God.

This is not a form of criticism or judgement but it is of truth that many today and even the so called Christians have subjected themselves to the works of the flesh.

Some even try to package some of those works such as lies, gossiping, laziness, procrastination, anger, envy, jealousy and lots more to be "little sin".

As far as the words validate it, there is nothing like little sin. Once it is one of the things that was instructed of us not to do from the word, it automatically become sin.

Sin is Sin.

It is not worth trying.

It is not worth nurturing.

It is not worth pondering on.

The works of the flesh enslaved someone and prevent ones right as a believer.

Whichever works of the flesh that have held you captive and stagnant, I am not interested in knowing their sources but I know you can end them before they end you.

It isn't necessary if the problem have mounted into an addiction but it is of necessity to note that for every problem there is an available solution waiting patiently to be located.

Yes, you might have entered through ignorance or otherwise but you are coming out now intentionally.

It is your right to be free in Christ Jesus.

No chains should be holding you.

An unidentified​ task is an unaccomplished task. Every progress can only be measure when you know what to do and hurray!!! The solution is right here free of charge.

I know a solution to problems which science and technology could not even provide and that solution is JESUS.

Totally surrendering to him is all you need.

There is no need to remember or ponder on how it all started. 

No need to ruminate on the past failures, challenges, problems or errors. They will only weigh you down and deprive you of your right as an heir of salvation.

Apostle Paul Said "Forgetting those things which are behind and looking forward to things which are before".  That is what you should do.

If you are in Jesus old things are past away and all things become new.

Your life is liberated, you breakthrough and not breakdown. 

Know that you are a stranger here, only a sojourner.

Short is the pilgrimage. You are bought with an inestimable price of the blood. it is neither gold nor silver but that which is more than all other treasures. 

Even if you think your Sins are many, the blood of Jesus is still available, ever potent to do the cleansing.

Be free from every chains holding you captive. If he set you free you are free indeed.

In times like this, be safe, take care of yourself, work & walk in love and do not forget #End-time#

I love you

Jesus loves you better.

©️Faith Agi

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