Daily devotional_TCF: Truth (a preamble)



TRUTH (a preamble)

JOHN 8:32

   We saw yesterday that no man in Christ, is in any form of bondage of the devil, and we saw why some Christians still live as though they are bound, even though they have the Spirit of Liberty in them. The reason is simply because they lack truth, which is the (accurate) knowledge of God. So because they lack truth, they believe a lie, and if you believe a lie, you will live a lie. (1 John 1:6). Though the devil's works (power, authority, captivity) has been destroyed for the man in Christ, he still moves about looking for who to deceive. He does this be spreading lies, through the media, through men who lack understanding, and even directly to people if they are not acquainted with the Word of God. You see the problem is not the devil who seeks to spread lies. The question is who are you listening to? 

   You need to understand that the Spirit(within you) and flesh(from outside) are always speaking. And man was created to listen to his creator, having become, and functioning only in the light of what his creator tells him. But at any point you stop listening to the Spirit, you will hear the flesh. This is why God asked Adam "who told you that you were naked...?" (Gen 3:11). Because man should only function in the light of what he is told.. What he beholds. The reason Christians lack truth is not because truth is scarce or withheld, but because they reject it (Hosea 4:6). Either by not believing when they hear, or by not making out time to seek truth for themselves. Truth is found in the Word of God, primarily through scriptures as explained by the Holy Spirit who is the Spirit of truth. Take up scriptures and ask Him to teach you. He's real just like you are. Tomorrow we look into the girdle of Truth. We're back to the armour! Remain on the Word of God. You're blessed. If you haven't received Christ, believe in your heart that He's the Son of God who died and resurrected for you, confess (declare) with your mouth that He's Lord of your life. You're blessed -TCF

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