I Thessalonians 4:11

   We live in a world where many people are easily provoked or are easily moved to hurt others or make trouble with others. Sometimes, for no justifiable reason. They do this either because they haven't received Jesus into their lives, or because they haven't renewed their minds to function in His love and divine nature. What should be our response? We must consciously choose to be at peace with people, no matter how much trouble they seek to bring. So long as choosing peace does not compromise our walk in faith, we should choose peace. They may insult you, revile you, hate you, but you should refuse to respond in the same way towards them. You're bigger and better than that! One accurate way of walking in peace is by minding your own business. Focusing on just what concerns you.

   This does not mean that you shouldn't help people if you see them getting in trouble, but if you sincerely try to get involved to help and they refuse to let you, don't force yourself on them. Never do so! And don't involve yourself in matters that don't concern you. Even God in all His glory and might, will never force Himself on any man. He sees sinners going to destruction. He brings them the gospel. If they reject it, He doesn't force them. He knows they will perish. He even loves them dearly, but He never forces them. If God wouldn't force a man to get saved, why would you force yourself on anybody? If they don't want you, walk away, while still praying for them in love. Refuse to be a burden to anybody in any way. But love all people and choose to live in peace. Remain on the word and in prayers. You're blessed. Accept Jesus who died and rose for you into your life today if you haven't. Confess Him as Lord of your life. You're Blessed.


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