Ephesians 6:14

   The path to putting on (that is to understanding) the breastplate of righteousness lies in understanding your salvation, which we already explained yesterday and the day before. Now you are born again, you are Christ in you (Gal. 2:20). The person you used to be before your salvation has been crucified with Christ, and Christ is now the only Life in you. This is why God looks at you and says you're His righteousness (2corint. 5:21), because He sees you as Christ, and that's who you are. This means that you are a different being from humans. You are the God-creature. Perfect, holy, strong, righteous in nature. So your form has changed though physically, you're in the likeness of man. That's why God says you're a righteous being. It's not on account of your previous works. It's on account of who He made you in your recreation. 

   Now the only possibility of a man born of Christ, to lose His salvation is by denouncing Jesus from being His Lord and saviour, just like he accepted Him. That's the unpardonable sin, which leads to death (1John 5:16-17). Either rejecting Him straight up from start, or denouncing Him later. So if you choose never to denounce Jesus, you can't lose your salvation. This means you can't lose your righteousness. Being righteous means that you are naturally pure. You don't have desires and urges to sin, or to function in any way contrary to God's will, for example fear, worry, anger, hate, etc. It's not that any law commands you not to, but it's just your nature. You are as pure as God. So think now that you are spontaneously and naturally as pure as God, can you and should you continue in any sin? No! A thousand times No! Why? Because sinfulness is not in you! Your right living is not in obedience to any law, it's simply a reflection of you being aware of who you are. We will explain further tomorrow. You are pure. You hate sin, avoid it! Remain on the Word. You're blessed.


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