Daily devotional: Truth-the conclusion




John 8:31

   Through the series of teachings we have seen that it's impossible to effectively walk with God without consistent knowledge of His Word. Many people are ready to attend church meetings or prayer meetings, but they are not ready to sit down and study the Word with the Holy Ghost. Don't be a part of these "many people". You have the grace to seek and find Truth. You have the Holy Spirit in you, who is the Spirit of Truth. Now more than ever, the devil is trying to deceive people in various ways. Through the least suspected of things. Comedies, news, movies, music, conversations, bad government laws, and so on. Very many have already fallen prey to such.

   The devil intends to deceive people in these days by deceiving spirits and doctrines of demons through the above mentioned means and many other devices, don't be  ignorant of his devices. The only people who will not be deceived are those who study scriptures on their own daily and know the Word by the Holy Ghost. What then is the conclusion of the matter? Seek daily for the Word of God, and abide in it. That is dwell in the Word. Meditate on it, declare it, believe it, and live in it. You are made from the Word. Colossians 3:16 says let the Word of God richly dwell in you. Study scriptures consciously with the Holy Spirit. These are the last days! Be wise! Don't be ignorant. Remain in Truth. Remain in Christ! That's eternal life. You're blessed!  -TCF

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