Romans 12:2 Ephesians 5:18-19 Colossians 3:16. 

   Your salvation requires you to live a holy life, presenting your body as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God. This is only done by a change from conformity to the world, into continual conformity to the image of Christ. This is the transformation spoken about in Romans 12:2, and it's achieved by the renewal of your mind.

   The renewal of your mind is the re-education of your mind, through the Word of God, changing your thoughts, intents, motives, imaginations, emotions, knowledge, from being carnal and carnally minded to being spiritual and spiritually minded (Rom 8:5-6). It's not something that just happens in a day or in one prayer session, but it is a part of the life of a Christian. It is continual and only moves from glory to glory and depth to depth (2corinthians 3:18).

  Ephesians 5:18-19, admonishes us to be continually filled with the Spirit, speaking to "ourselves" in Psalms, hymns, spiritual songs which are the Word of God. Colossians 3:16 does a similar admonishment, telling us to teach "one another"  in all wisdom, through same ways. The pronouns used ("OURSELVES" "ONE ANOTHER") are the same in the Greek (heauto├║) and is a REFLEXIVE PRONOUN. Meaning you are to perform those actions on yourself! Nobody will do them for you!

   You have the grace to do so by the Holy Ghost in you, but you must decide to do it. To submit your mind for renewal through the Word, you change what you feed your mind with. Cut off carnal and ungodly things from getting into your mind. Things that connote immorality, fear, hate, worry, death, etc, maybe through novels, videos, conversations, jokes, etc, should be cut off, by replacing them with the Word of God, through scriptures, tapes, godly conversations and so on. You continually do these with prayers. The Holy Ghost empowers you to do this if only you really want to and you ask Him to. Then He continually reveals the Word in you, using resources from this new feeding habits. You believe, accept and proclaim to yourself all He reveals in you, as your new identity. That's the renewal of your mind. You begin to spontaneously live right and holy in line with the Word, and it only moves from glory to glory! Hallelujah!! Accept Jesus into your life if you haven't done so. Believe He died and resurrected from the dead and confess Him as Lord over your life. You're blessed.


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