Daily devotional: the armour of the gospel of Peace 2



Isaiah 52:7

    God expects and has fashioned us to be people who are so acquainted with the Word, so much so that the Word of God in every respect saturates our mind and hearts. He expects us to be so filled with the Word in our thoughts and imaginations, and expects that all in us I.e our intentions, motives, and will are driven by His Word (Colossians 3:16). When you are like this, you realise that all you'll be able to speak and say would either be directly the Word of God, or words properly guided by the Word. You'll speak things which are positive, pure, holy, edifying, correcting and encouraging. When you function like this, then you're prepared with the gospel of peace. Because wherever you step your feet into, you carry the gospel there. If you step into an environment where the conversation is immoral, your presence means the conversation must change. 

   Your words will convict people and cause them to return to God when they hear and accept them. If you step into a sad environment, you confess (I.e you speak only)  joy. Through the power in your spoken words, you change the atmosphere. If you step into an environment full of fear, worry or complain, you confess boldness, faith and Thanksgiving. You now function in your reality as a soldier whose feet are prepared with the gospel of peace. You carry that gospel wherever you go. It becomes identified with your presence. God needs us to function this way to be able to fight effectively to spread His Kingdom. The gospel of peace; the message you carry with you into any environment you go. Think, meditate on, and speak only things consistent with the Word of God, and you'll have a beautiful presence before God. Stay on the Word. Pray with the Word in Spirit. You're blessed. -TCF

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