Ephesians 3:17-19

   One thing we believers want is to walk, fully expressing the divine glory of God. Many folks spend time praying and fasting for His glory to be fully expressive in their lives, and nothing happens. The problem is not God. The problem is that such people are ignorant. They have ignored this truth we're about to expose. May God reveal it to you. See from vs 17-19, that until you learn to love others, yourself, and God, and until you learn and understand that God loves you dearly, and until you walk in God's love, you're very far from expressing and being filled with His fullness which is His manifest Glory. Beloved, it's not by praying and fasting alone. Definitely we pray always. Always! It's in our nature to do so. And we fast often as led. But please, don't ignore this secret unless you want to be a noisy cymbal. This is true spiritual growth. Knowing God's love and walking in it, that's how His full glory is expressed in you. You can't cheat God. 

   He has poured His love abundantly in your heart. (Rom 5:15) So don't let the devil lie to you that you naturally can't love. That guy that can't love is dead already with Christ. Your true nature is actually perfect love. Love is in you. Allow Him to find expression. Just let Him work in you. It's such a beautiful thing to love. To not hold grudges, to not get angry even when insulted or attacked, to not keep malice, to forgive easily. Oh what a beautiful nature you have in you! Just let Him flow. And never doubt God's love for you. You love easily and you're loved by God. That's the path to glory. You're super blessed and we love you! Please if you haven't accepted God who is love into your heart, kindly do so now. Give your life to Jesus. He died and rose for you because He loves you. Let Him in. You're blessed.


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