Psalm 147:10-11

   A lot of persons avoid responsiblities or opportunities because they are bothered that they aren't qualified. Sadly they confess "I just feel I can't do it" Wow! Even some people are afraid of becoming Christian because they think "oh, I could never live a holy life or a life that pleases God". What a deception! You see God never calls you to Himself or to a task because you're qualified. Never! Even if you had some strength or qualifications, He had no regard for them while making His selections. See the beautifull truth, God calls you as you are, accepts you as you are, but once you answer His call, He never leaves you as you are! In salvation, He totally recreates every man that gets saved, removing totally the old you who is unqualified, and putting in you the Life of His Son, by the Holy Spirit you receive. This new life is qualified and enabled to do all things. If you're saved, that's your reality. And if you're not saved yet, that's the beautiful reality awaiting you once you get saved! 

   You're not called because you're qualified. But you're qualified because you're called. Once you answer God's call for anything, He puts in you all you'll ever need to achieve success. (Eph 1:3). You cannot fail! See our last verse, "the Lord favours those who fear and worship Him".(amp). Because you reverence and worship God, you're favoured already. Ever since your new birth. It's God working in you, not your effort (Philip 2:13). That's why you can do all things through God who strengthens you!! (Philip 4:13) oh!! Glory!! That's your reality in Christ!! Victory over sin, over sickness, over failure, over everything!! Maybe you didn't know, but now you do. You're qualified! Stay on the Word. Meditate on scriptures, get Him into you, never stop, and everything changes! If you haven't received this life of Christ who is Qualification and Favour Himself, do so now. Give your life to Christ and accept His life into you. Confess He's your Lord and saviour. Live victoriously. You're blessed!


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