You see, we who are in Christ are very special and beautifull people. We're way more privileged than we know. For every man born again, you're born of the new covenant, and you're born into Christ. We need to get out of the fears and worries we used to walk in. They're not for us! We're blessed so beautifully with all our inheritances in Christ. If you realised how blessed you're in Christ, you'll never look down on yourself neither will you ever fear. You've got to start speaking the Word of God into your heart daily and see yourself in the reality of the Word. Because that's who you're. The natural you is who God says you're. The Word! 

Look at this, "blessed and worthy to be praised be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly realms in Christ"!!!! Oh glory!! Did you see that? You're blessed already!!! Not with one or two or fifty or hundred or just a million blessings, but with every single spiritual blessing! Every one of them! Oh my God! If it's a spiritual blessing, you have it in you! Now we're not just talking about carnal blessings. Not just money, not just fame, not just physical beauty, no! We're talking about real stuff. Blessings by which you're so spirituality wealthy, that money even obeys your command physically. You're so great that even when you don't intend to, your name spreads abroad. You're so favoured and glorified that physical beauty isn't even an issue. Blessings that command obedience from spirits and Nations. You are so great! That's who you are in Christ. Begin to see yourself from the light of God's Word and thank Him for His glory in you. If you haven't received this blessed life I speak of, accept Jesus Christ into your life as saviour and Lord. Remain with the Word of God. You're so blessed! 


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