PSALM 141:2

   By reason of the works of Christ, all we do, (I.e we who believe and know our new life), every single thing we do is worship. Because true worship is simply express obedience to the leading of God. Now the life of Christ is the only life we have, we have our old life crucified with Christ, and Christ's Life is all we have. Christ spontaneously obeys the Father, so we spontaneously obey the Father. Obedience flows from us. For that's the only life we know. We are responsive to the Spirit because we're sons of God. Therefore all we do is worship, because everything we do is an expression of obedience to the Spirit. We pray always without ceasing, and we pray as led by the Spirit. Whether by tongues or by words of understanding, we always pray in the Spirit (led by the Spirit) and never in the flesh.

   So our prayers, all of them are an expression of worship to the Father. Because they're a product of obedience to the Spirit of God, following out through us. The Spirit of prayer in us continually stirs up prayer in us. Always! So we pray always and we don't faint. Because we're spontaneously obedient, due to the Spirit of obedience, we spontaneously obey the Spirit of prayer, so we never struggle with prayer. You now see that your continuous prayer, all of it is obedience to God and that's worship! That's why the prayer of the Saints are an incense and offering before God. Oh! God loves obedience! So also, when we know that the life in us is Christ, we know that our whole life is worship to God. How glorious to know this truth. We're blessed. Please accept Jesus today if you haven't given your life to Him. Believe with your heart that He's the Son of God, and confess with your mouth that you believe in Him and accept Him as Lord in your life. And if you've stopped beholding the Word as sons do, please return now. He forgives. Return to the Word. You're blessed


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