Daily Devotionals: Censor your Words

   As believers, we know according to Jeremiah 31:33 that the Word of God is written in our hearts. I.e. The Word is put into us. And  Jesus explains in Matthew 12:34 that "... Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks."

This simply means that for every believer, all that your mouth speaks should be the Word of God, because that's what God has put within you. Unfortunately some believers don't function this way. They speak words so unclean, impure, abusive and vulgar from their mouths.

This lifestyle is contradictory to the Word of God. Any believer that functions this way must call himself to order and go for a heart check using the Word. Such speaking happens when a believer stops beholding the Word of God, thus fowl language from the flesh begins to find expression through such a person.

  This is not God's plan for us, and it should not be ignored. Don't be deceived. How you speak and the words you use are not a product of a natural habit or unchangeable lifestyle. They're only a product of what you feed your heart with.

Changing from such lifestyle isn't going to be by trying to or by struggling. Simply go back to the Word of God and begin to meditate on the Word daily and continually. He will change you from inside, so much so that you'll even hate to hear such vulgar words which you used to speak. Don't struggle it. Just return to the Word.

The Word will perform the change in you. Don't speak anyhow no matter the situation. Censor your Words! They reflect Christ because He's the one in you. If you don't have Christ in you, please give your life to Christ now. Believe in your heart that He's the Son of God and confess Him as Lord of your life with your mouth. Remain on the Word. You're blessed.

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