Ephesians 5:26 John 15:3-4

   We live in a world which is highly contaminated with a lot of things which contrast God's Word. From the more obvious stuff, such as immoral movies and programmes, to the intelligently deceitful schemes, such as negative news everywhere on the media which constantly strike fear in the mind of people even without them knowing it. Believers end up struggling to be cleansed and rid from the impurities they're exposed to on earth. Many try to pray their way to sanctification and some try to consciously avoid things that can contaminate. All the above are good and important, but true a and total cleansing wouldn't be achieved by Just those. The secret to being cleansed and purified from within entirely, is the Word of God. When you stay on the Word continually, the Word purges you off all uncleanness that may have been robbed off on you. 

   The Word of God sanctifies and cleanses entirely the heart, mind, emotions, and desires of man. The secret is to remain continually on the Word. The Word will drive you to pray always. The Word will help you spontaneously discern right contents from wrong ones, and help you spontaneously avoid the wrong. It wouldn't be a strive or struggle. The Word sanctifies and makes holy. We stay on the Word of God through scriptures. Also on your own, speak the Word of God back to yourselves as the Holy Spirit calls them up in you. Consciously choose to remain on the Word of God and you'll be free from worldly contaminations. Accept Jesus into your life if you haven't; by believing He's the Son of God, and confessing your salvation with your mouth. Remain blessed.


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