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Saturday August 23 2020


 Reference (Adam and Eve) 


_*THOUGHT: Did the possibility of your expiry date on earth ever struck your mind?  What are you in existence for?*_ Think about this.

 *Memorise* "Romans 14:8 * For if we live, we live to the Lord, and if we die, we die to the Lord. So then, whether we live or whether we die, we are the Lord's.

I believe we all have bought some goods at one point in time or the other and if we do care for our health or well being we must have also been checking out for the manufacturing dates/batch number as well as the expiry dates of the products.

And to a manufacturer interest of his business safety and consumers right, he ensures that no product goes out of his company until the product is rightly stamped with it's production date/manufacturing date and this I have practically experienced in the biscuit company where I worked.

From the beginning of creation the original intention of God was not to make any imprint through stamping upon the life of man as his original intention was to have a continuous fellowship with man according to *Genesis Chapter 3 vs 8* but the sin of disobedience by the man & woman whom he created in his likeness brings an obstruction of that one on one relationship with the father.

Apart from being obstructed from living with God, one other critical punishment meted out upon them was stamping their life journey with the:

✔️ batch number/ Manufacturing date which equivalent to Birthday

✔️ Expiry date which is equivalent to death day.

A product birth out directly by God's supernatural power *Gen 2:7*  now becomes a product that is being birth by a woman. *Gen 3:16* and this show us the level of the  consequences which can become an aftermath of our disobedience especially to God.

Disobedience was the main reason why that stamping (an indelible mark came upon humanity) and it should be worthy of note that disobedience only birth destruction.

Though there were excuses that flooded in by Adam and Eve to defend their act of disobedience *Gen 3:12-13* but the excuses couldn't stop them from being stamp with an expiry date /deathday.

Aside from the above punishment other punishments were  meted out to them which includes pains, hard labor & detestion brought between the seed of man and the serpent.

Though before the stamping everything was going well between God and man until the sin of disobedience came between God and man and  introduce the stamping upon them.

Without any possible doubt we all have a manufacturing date and of course an expiry date which is known to God if not unto us. For his understanding has been  unsearchable and one of fascinating knowledge of God was knowing exact the number of hair on each person's head.

 *Lesson to be learnt before the stamping took place.* 

✔️ Everything was going on well between the man & God as there was no fear of coming or being at God's presence but the  act of disobedience cost them much and this in no doubt has been affecting the life of men till date but thanks to God for his grace through his son Jesus whom has brought us unto the understanding of a better living after the death of our mortal bodies.

 *Reason for the stamping* 

The manufacturer aim for stamping is to give the consumers of the product an insight of the product life span from i.e from its entrance date to the exit date.

As humans we have gotten the stamping upon our lives. It is inevitable yet important in order  to: 

✔️check for our usefulness during our existence on earth.

✔️ Also it is to keep us focus and remind us on  the expiry date that  keeps getting closer every seconds of our lives and hence the need to keep a check to how we have been living our lives while yet alive.

 *Assignment* : Check through your life, are you really meeting the customer demand as an endorsed product? Or you are just there in existence while your expiry  time keeps getting closer until it elapses.

 *Prayer point:* Father, please help me to live a life that will make me live even after I am gone from earth.

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