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 *Reference* (Jesus) 

 *_FOR READING AND MEDITATION:* 1st Cor 15:53-58

_*THOUGHT: Did you know that a life outside Christ is a dead one?*_ Think about this.

 *Memorise* 1Cor 15:56-57

1 Corinthians  15:56 The sting of death is sin; and the strength of sin is the law.  15:57 But thanks be to God, which giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ"

From the previous guide we discuss about how the sin of disobedience caused the one on one relationship of God with man to cease.

However, the fall of adam and Eve didn't change the  nature of God's love & mercy towards humanity.

Though the stamping is a mark place on the physical Journey of our existence but there is a greater glory that await the lives of those who believe in the Lord Jesus and hold on to him till physical death exit them from earth.

This greater glory is *eternal life.* 

Your life here on earth can only become memorable to both man and God only when you live it with eternity in view.

That when the expiry date gets closer/comes you can boldly say *"I have fight the good fight of faith and I have finished the course".* 

That what you are pressing towards to get is that prize of life after eternity.

Or what will the essence of your existence be if you can't make an eternal footprint in Christ after you say goodbye to the earth?

The disobedience of Adam and Eve only brings a judgement of death upon every mortal body and if Christ tarry you and I are not going to escape this death.

So there is no need to fear the death that can kill only the body and not

 the soul.

which type of death should you give reference to?

The Death after death which brings eternal damnation.

Here, there will be gnashing of teeth,pain and eternal torture.

This is in no way to intimidate you but it is to keep your consciousness about life after death awaken and to remind you that there is still a life either of eternal reigning in glory with Christ/eternal going  through torture in hell after the death of the

 mortal bodies when Christ will come.

And to also remind you that sin is only the barrier that can hinder you from the eternal life after the death of the mortal body here on earth.

 *Flee from all appearance of evil* 

Christ is the solution & if we didn't want to be partaker of that death after death get Christ who will be leading you as the light into the knowledge of that eternity.

Romans 6:8–10

 *Assignment* : if you exit the earth today will you gain entrance into that life eternal?

 *Prayer point:* Father, please help me to live a life that will make me live even after I am gone from earth.

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