Article Update: My Journey_ Mystery flames


When I was a child

Before I became a man

I didn't know any better 

Filled my memories

My artery with the burning desire

Let that blood flow

Ready to spill for the course of defense, 

Well to my parents 

Oops  big offence. 

"Ahh karyan ka for which house," mama said

 I can't risk you; you're my one not two three or four

That... was one topic

I could never bring to limelight in those late nights,

All it could lead to was more and more fights. 

Suffer the witch not to stay alive remained my hunger,my

undying desire, peaceful nation,

drove my motivation,

My Heart keeps bleeding everytime, I see bodies of my sisters and brothers littered on the ground helpless, lifeless.

sticky-wet ,  walk through this pool of blood our land has turned into,

I weep as the stomachs of pregnant women,

torned apart; their still born 

 taken out dissected and placed on the lifeless bodies of their mothers. 

Enough is enough,

I choose to fight and in I choose the wings,

give close air support to the land

forces in all phases of operations

 fly the bird for the safety;Intergrity of a United Nigeria.


The first word I heard at the gate 

Time spent behind the mask,

I changed my skin colour 

With the lotion 

Kaduna hot Depot sun

Hurts and  pain i feel

I lick my dripping blood for joy  my people are sleeping like little babies roll in bushes 

 maze made unsafe with claws of the enemies

Sleepless nights the  cold the mosquitoes

Am willing never to let you die I am cap-able  and would never lie 

Three elements combined 

land,sea and  air

I am ready to make the enemy beg and cry

One day I might be lay on the ground to be slaughtered  with you on my mind in place of tears all they would see is laughter.

But until then You are worth tears, pains and sufferings 

I am gallant,

Willing able and ready,

Even to my last breath to make you smile.


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