CHURCH NEWS UPDATE: EXPOSED!!! Pastor's Wife Storms Sunday Service To Expose His Affair With Choir Member Strange But True

A pastor has gotten the embarrassment of his life after his own wife stormed church to show his illicit affair.

It was pure drama recently at Victory Church International when its senior pastor was forced to confess to cheating with a praise and worship member after his wife disrupted a church on Saturday.
Pastor Frank Kitenge’s wife Diana Kitenge was grabbed by security personal and dragged out of the church after she questioned the participation of Clarity Muza within the praise and worship team when she is accused of dating her husband.
When journalists received the church along Kaguvi Street, the church leader Pastor Paul Mwamba was instructing his security team to form sure Diana wasn't allowed inside the church.

“I won't go anywhere leaving my husband because you Pastor Mwamba want my husband to marry Clarity, a whore who is wrecking my marriage,” Diana was heard saying as she wrestled with church security.
“Who during this church doesn't know that Clarity has ruined my family and is getting a blessing from the church leader who is allowing her to sing within the praise and worship group?
“This is Clarity’s nude photograph she sent to my husband and therefore the church is forcing me to stay quiet about it because Pastor Mwamba shares the word on radio. I will be able to not leave my husband here,” said Diana displaying the nude photographs drawing the eye of workers and passers-by round the church.
Pastor Kitenge was asked to accompany Diana out of the church and he openly confessed to the gang that he's not an angel to resist Clarity’s love when his home is not so as.

"I have four children with this wife but she is troublesome. I'm a pastor yes but also human,” said Pastor Kitenge confirming his illicit affair with Clarity.

“My wife has done tons of things that affected our marriage and what does she expect me to try to as a man? That nude photograph of Clarity she is showing people was doctored, only the top is hers not those legs and exposed genitalia,” he said drawing jeers and calling of names from the gang questioning his pastoral duties.
In an interview with H-Metro, Pastor Kitenge said Pastor Mwamba has failed, so has the church, the assistance his marriage that the 2 are staying in different places.
“I was expelled from the church along side my wife after the difficulty of Clarity was raised and my wife is that the one who started circulating nu_de photographs of Clarity,” said Pastor Kitenge.
“Pastor Mwamba is that the one who accommodated me in one among the church houses following a failed series of counselling sessions to revive my marriage to Diana.”

“She doesn't understand and therefore the whole church is now against her actions (because) from time to time she involves disturb church proceedings like this,” he said.
Diana accuses pastor Mwamba of wrecking marriages and encourages pastors on the brink of him into second marriages claiming that their first marriages aren't biblical.
“Pastor Mwamba is facilitating a wedding between my husband and Clarity accusing me of being possessed with evil spirits. If his claims are true where are his powers to cast the evil spirits if any,” said Diana.

"A number of church members’ marriages were affected following his teachings against first marriages because he divorced his wife and is after single ladies within the church,” she added.

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