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*No pandemic can make this Church and myself poor.
*One of the signs of stupidity is borrowing.
*Praise God for His Abundant Provision and speedy finishing of the Cathedral.

 -Pastor David Ibiyeomie on ACTIVATING YOUR FAITH (2nd Service)

Whenever there is failure. Someone has not done his job.
TV station showing ‘Arsenal to Play Chelsea’ after the match had been played-someone didn’t do his job.
Church studio showing wrong verse of the hymn means someone didn’t do his job.


Activate-To cause a thing to function or act
Faith -Absolute confidence in God and his word.
Heb 10:35-36

Faith is evidential, substantial and tangible.

Faith means you ‘Reason, see and act’ like God.

Without faith you’re dead.
Your Christian life is summarized by faith.

Faith is cultivated in the heart and comes by understanding the word of God.

Some Key Things to Know About Faith

1. Faith has only one source: The Word of God.
Romans 10:17
The second hearing is understanding.
 Faith cannot come until you understand the word of God.
Faith does not come by music or dancing.
A man goes to church for 10 years and blackslides after 11 years, there was no faith or his faith failed. Church Gist.

A day should not pass without you hearing God’s Word.
Living without the Word is like a man starving.
If you don’t hear the Word, you will be spiritually malnourished.

2. Faith is of the heart.
It is heart not head based.
Until the Word of God enters your heart, faith is not born
You can quote scriptures but not understand scriptures.
Romans 10:9-10

Some people confess faith but are still down because faith has not been born.
Faith can’t be born until it’s rooted in your heart.
Proverbs 4:23

There is no pandemic that can make this Church and myself poor.
There is no devil that can kill me.
I have received protection in my heart through faith.

Many quote scriptures but haven’t received.
Satan also quotes scriptures.
Church Gist.

3. Faith is now!
Hebrews 11:1
If it is not now, it is not faith.
Many mix-up hope and faith.
‘I will be healed’ or ‘I know I will be healed’ is not faith but hope.
I am healed Now-That is Faith.
Isaiah 53:4-5
We are healed!

Anything you postpone to the future is not faith.
God does not tell you I will answer you tomorrow.
Faith is Now!
If it is not now, it is not faith.
My eyes were yellow and I said ‘I am healed’.
Because I saw God’s Word that himself took our infirmities.

God doesn’t postpone your miracle so why do you postpone it?
Faith is present tense, not future tense!

When will you get healed?
When will you get married?

We mistake physical manifestation for the day God answers.

You might see the physical manifestation after but God answered already.

I saw prosperity in 1997 but there was no physical cash. I didn’t have N2000 in my Account (we had only N50 -(Wazobia)-in the house...but told my wife I am one of the richest preachers.

If you keep talking when you have the money, it’s not faith.
It is the day of revelation that your language changes. Church Gist.

Faith is the currency of the supernatural.
There are many things God has told you.
Not because he can’t do them, he has done them already but you need to tap into your faith.

They told me one of the 10 items for finishing the cathedral will cost N15 Billion but don’t fear. We are not calling for offering.
We built the carcass for N36 Billion-God assured me that He would do it.

Mary believed she would have a child without a man and God did it.
The moment you build your faith, God has no problem giving it to you.

4. Faith puts you in the same realm of operation with God.
Mark 10:27

What is my role?
Mark 9:23
If I have faith, anything God can do, my faith can do.

When faith is at work, impossibilities are cancelled.

When I walk in faith, I walk in the class of God.
Anything God says is receivable with faith.

It is impossible in the natural the kind of budget they are talking to finish that thing (Cathedral).
Faith is a universal currency acceptable in every nation.

Dollar is now N475 to a dollar because government keeps borrowing.
One of the signs of stupidity is borrowing.

In the midst of this, where do you get money from? Faith!

Everyone is crying all over the world including western nations. There is stress everywhere so what you need now is faith.

Faith is a mountain mover.
It is a creative force.
It can turn bad report to good report.

A doctor opened my eyelids and shook his head. For one week I couldn’t eat.
With faith the bad report turned to good report.
Don’t accept that bad report, turn it to good report.

Testimony of Ikwerre woman from Rivers State who was healed of cancer after encounter with a book.

How Do We Activate Our Faith?
1. Praise
John 6:11
John 11:41
Faith is acting on what is not physically seen with belief that God will do it.

Not praise after it has been done but before it has been done.

We will Praise God for the following:
1. His Abundant Provision and speedy finishing of the Cathedral.

2. For David Ibiyeomie:
For exceeding grace and continuous global impact.

3. For You:
You know what you want...

Arsenal used to be my team but I left when they started misbehaving.
It’s like I’m going back to them now.
I don’t have a permanent team. If you misbehave, I leave.

Source: Church Gist

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