More than a healing

“Afterward Jesus found him in the temple, and said to him, “See, you have been made well. Sin no more, lest a worse thing come upon you.” The man departed and told the Jews that it was Jesus who had made him well.”

‭‭John‬ ‭5:14-15‬ ‭NKJV‬‬

There are some people who receive a healing today, and soon enough find themselves needing another healing again. Often they don't know why this is so. But it's not merely a coincidence, neither is it God's will for them to live like this.

You see, many times, (not always), a condition or a problem is the product of a lifestyle that was not right. This condition, whatever it is (sickness, poverty, demonic attacks etc.) Could have been prevented if the lifestyle that led to it was changed. 

Also though it has been healed, it can actually reoccur, if the lifestyle that led to it isn't changed. This is why many people need more than just a healing. They need a change of heart. Many people need more than just a healing, they need the healer.

Only those who are interested in the healer, and not just the healing can have a change of heart. Because a change of heart comes from the presence and continuous work of Christ in one's own life.

Prayer: Dear Lord, I don't just want a healing from you. I'm not just interested in what you have to offer. I'm interested in you yourself. Help me to know you, to love you, and to walk with you deeper. In Jesus name. Amen.

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