Program Alert: Realities of Eternity_Joshua Generation

 Most new Generation ministers are now being trained to soothe the errant rather than correct them

This attitude is endemic throughout the whole of modern society; and the churches of our Lord are likewise infected with a strange virus that lulls us into complacency

Who is responsible for this quagmire

Althrough my life as a believer
I have never heard this testimony

"I was playing Davidos newest track and all of a sudden I got the urge to pray" 

The urge to pray or the urge to become a prey??

We have grown accustomed to ease and comfort; we do not like it when we are told that we are wrong

You cannot miss the unveiling of the Eternity mysteries this time.

• Pst Jasper Ben
• Pst Princewill
• Peculiar Emmanuel

[Check flier for details]

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