E-Book Alert: Him,Her & I_ Okpeyemi .O. Akintunde

He actually met me before HER. For the sake of this writing, I will be polite enough to 
refer to this woman as HER. I can’t bear to call her name on my lips, her name feels like 
gravel on my tongue.
This should tell you how much I wouldn’t want to hear, see and talk about her.
She had stolen HIM from me.
Who was “HIM”? Likewise, I won’t give you “HIM”’s name outrightly. Let’s just refer to 
both of them as HIM & HER.
I met HIM as a 200 level student, who just met the Lord, I had been a rebellious 
daughter of my parents, but one day, I met God after watching a stage drama that had 
been staged publicly by one of the campus fellowships. My heart was won that night by 
God and HIM.
HIM had featured powerfully as the lead character of the drama that tore my heart to 
pieces before God. I gave my life and my heart completely to God that night.
However, there was something special about HIM, I couldn’t point it out. Something 
attracted me to him.
I joined the fellowship with a sincere heart to love and serve God. HIM was the Drama 
Coordinator and Prayer Coordinator. He wasn’t the fellowship pastor but he carried 
more grace than every other brother in the fellowship. The fellowship pastor was fondly 
called “Daddy”, while my “HIM” was called “PAPA”; a name I gave him.
I moved closer to HIM as a new convert in Christ who was genuinely hungry for God, so 
he could help me grow spiritually. He was also interested in my growth and as if things 
were already premeditated by a higher force, we became inseparable. I became his 
official Spiritual daughter. I called him Papa.
We were so into each other, so much so that, people thought we were dating.
I cooked his meals, I washed his clothes voluntarily and I cleaned his room. He was 
always sharing his vision with me, of which he will show me the confirmation from the 
Gradually, I started hearing from God and one day I heard these words in my Spirit... 
My joy knew no bounds... I was made for HIM. God had just confirmed my thoughts 
concerning HIM, my beloved PAPA.
With a heart lifted high and bubbling with excitement, I went to the fellowship center, 
hoping to see HIM. I didn’t know if I was going to share what I heard with him, but I 
knew I just wanted to see his face.
My mouth was filled with songs of praises, as I walked towards the fellowship center. 
Oh My! I was on top of the universe. I had started seeing myself as his wife, the vision 
about him having a 100,000 capacity auditorium was too good to be true. I must have 
shouted 1000 Halleluyas in between my 10 minute walk to the fellowship center.
Like a burst balloon, you need to have seen me, when Sister Joy of the Prayer Team 
called me in a rush when I got to the fellowship center...
“Sis Timi, good evening sis... I have been waiting for you to show up,” Sis Joy had said.
“Really? What’s up?” I asked Sis Joy.
“There is something God has been revealing to me for a while and I don’t know who to 
share it with, but as Papa’s best friend, I believe I should let you know about it. I know 
you will be able to share it better with him,” Sis Joy was saying.
“Ok?” I couldn’t wait to hear what it was. I was thinking it was probably a revelation, 
something I needed to pray about. I wasn’t a person who joked with anything that had to 
do with Papa. He was my life.
“You see, for the past three months, I have been having revelations pointing to the fact 
that Papa is the perfect will of God for my life...” Sis Joy said.
My heart actually stopped beating for some seconds, but gratefully I did not die.
“…you see, the very first dream I had, was seeing myself at the top of an Iroko tree, and 
I saw Papa at the bottom of the tree. He wanted to climb the tree, but there was no 
ladder... Suddenly, I noticed my hand became so long that I was able to pull him up to 
the top of the tree. On getting to the top of the tree, he said “Now I know you are my 
destiny,” Sis Joy said convincingly.
I had my mouth open wide.
“I hope you understand me, sis Timi? I also saw that...” I kept looking at her with no 
words for her, or what was I meant to say?

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