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In February 1978,I taught our annual prayer seminar at RHEMA Bible Training Center in
Tulsa. This is an open seminar; the public as well as the student body attends. One
night the Lord very definitely spoke to me, as I was ministering to people in the healing
line, about teaching a seminar on the Name of Jesus. That seminar has become this
At the time, I had one sermon I preached on this wonderful subject, but I had never
really taught on it at length. I began to look around to see what I could find written on
the subject. For others, you see, have revelations from God.
I was amazed at how little material there is in print on this subject. The only good book
devoted entirely to it that I have found is E. W. Kenyon's The Wonderful Name of Jesus.
I encourage you to get a copy. It is a marvelous book. It is revelation knowledge. It is
the Word of God.
Mr. Kenyon went home to be with the Lord in 1948. It was 1950 before I was introduced
to his books. A brother in the Lord asked me, "Did you ever read after Dr. Kenyon?"
I said, "I've never heard of him."
He said, "You preach healing and faith just like he does."
He gave me some of Kenyon's books. And he did preach faith and healing just like I do.
After all, if someone preaches the new birth, and somebody else preaches the new
birth, it has to be the same. There is only one new birth. Likewise, if you preach faith
and healing—and I mean Bible-faith and Bible-healing—it has to be the same. We may
have different ways to express it, but if it is according to the Word of God, it is the same
I began then to check up on Mr. Kenyon's life. The Bible teaches that we should take as
examples those "who through faith and patience inherit the promises" (Heb. 6:12). I like
to see if a man lives what he teaches.
Some people seem to want to find somebody the Bible didn't work for to set up as an
example. They always talk about somebody who didn't receive their healing. Well, in
preaching salvation, you don't talk about someone who didn't get saved. No, you talk
about those who did get saved. You don't encourage Christians to follow the example of
those who backslide. You talk about people who walk in the light of God's Word and
enjoy His blessings.
I like to check up on people. I like to follow those who inherit the promises. That's why I
teach those training for the ministry at RHEMA Bible Training Center each year from F.
F. Bosworth's book, Christ the Healer. I was personally acquainted with Bosworth. The
last time I was in one of his meetings, he was 77. At 80-some-odd years of age, he
announced one day, "This is the greatest day of my life. God has shown me that I'm
going home." He called in a friend for a time of visiting. Then he went home.

Kenyon, too, went home to be with the Lord without sickness and disease at the age of
nearly 81. He was holding Bible classes in Southern California shortly before his death,
teaching several times a day. (His daughter, Ruth Housworth, who keeps his ministry
and writings going stronger today than ever, said that the young people in the team
which traveled with him had a difficult time keeping up with his pace.) He had just
finished writing The Hidden Man of the Heart. And he came home to rest for a while.
One morning his wife and daughter asked what he would like for breakfast. He replied,
"You girls go ahead and eat. I don't believe I will eat right now." A short time later he
was home with the Lord. He went home the Bible way without sickness or disease.
In the Name of Jesus seminar I conducted in April 1978, I quoted freely from E. W.
Kenyon's book, The Wonderful Name of Jesus. I particularly like the way he grouped
the Scriptures for study. I like his outline. I acknowledge here my deep appreciation for
the revelation knowledge God gave him on this wonderful Name, for his willingness and
obedience to teach and live it. I also want to express special appreciation to Ruth
Housworth, for her dedication in getting the message out in print, and for granting us
permission to quote from his book in this book for the edification of the body of Christ, to
the glory of God the Father.

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