Article Update: I died July 13th 1991_ IkechukwuKay

I died July 13th 1991, even before the day I understood the true meaning of feelings and emotions I have immensely been brooding in excruciating pains since birth.Born on Saturday night at three different hospitals with ceaseraral operation coupled with terrible and strange congenital anomalies. This is the stage where I breath fine today and go unconscious tomorrow. You can imagine how I became a burden of reproach to everyone that welcomed me. Finally superseded this stage and became cripple for three years,crawled around like a ball in the house, oh an object of mockery and ridicule my childhood was.

Truly I'm not aware of the first paragraph you read until at seven years a family friend I have never met before visited us and exclaimed heavily, this is the boy that died in 1991!!. He was so astonished and confused about the survival. Everyone giggled and he kept watching me so keenly like a prey and the bird till he left. That was just the beginning of a new phase, I was unable to do things you did as a child, like an egg in the nest was how I was watched to avoid cracking or devoured, those that never understood very well said ikechukwu is pampered too much because I never did house chores to avoid gasping for breath. Then i lost count how many elementary schools I switched to as I was physically unfit for school curriculum and activities. Even my teachers bullied me and taunted by friends as "Touch and die ".

Do you know how many drugs i have taken?,it might be enough to create a standard pharmacy without exaggerating .Many hands that layed on my head for prayers, made some to speak unimaginable and despicable things. I have also searched for answers in the depth of no return and has given up on my self countless times as I perceived death in all shades looking for suicide as the only escape .One of my most painful crisis is my blindness at 15years in an external examination which transpired to my glaucoma,a mystery beyond my knowledge. My subconscious mind changed at a time I was just only concern about surviving each day.Managing renal stone at bladder, kidney failure, palpitation of heart with arthritis and other complex complicated issues just at same time, these where  some of medical reports at each age.My education became a juggle on hurdles of my perplexity just to fulfill a ritual rite.

One day I sat in tears,meditating on my purpose of existence. Why am I here to taste all kinds of pains, plagues with gnashing of teeth in sorrow?. Who could be so heartless to convey me here in the midst of agony.As I was pondering on this,something glowing shun straight to my heart like a light been revealed in the darkest path, something I can't explain.It jerked me back to life and I began to see the details of my Name Ikechukwu. This revelation became my saviour. I don't know your Name this morning, I don't know the burden and pains you are battling with,perhaps urs is more severe than mine.I urge you never to give up.We will triumph in victory with wholeness.

The death I tremble everyday for is what I buried in July 13th 1991.Fear came in camouflage to deter my divine purpose ahead but something greater than death has swallowed death and brought me to great Emancipation.


Written@📜 Ikechukwukay.

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