Church News: Those castigating Oyedepo’s prosperity are ‘blind’, says Bishop Abioye

First Vice President, Living Faith Church, also known as Winners’ Chapel Worldwide, Bishop David Abioye, has defended the wealth and global influence of the founder of the church, Bishop David Oyedepo.
He, however, criticized some people whom, he said, are castigating Dr. Oyedepo, whom he said, is his spiritual father, for his wealth, calling them “blind”.

He, equally, accused them of focusing on the Glory of God over the life of Dr. Oyedepo, while paying little or no attention to the things he do to enjoy the spiritual and physical presence and blessings of God.

Bishop Abioye, in his Sunday service teaching at Living Faith Church, Goshen, Abuja, titled “Gateway to financial fortune” said that the kind of blessings and wealth that Dr. Oyedepo enjoys is exclusively reserved for people who diligently work for the good and advancement of the Kingdom of God.

He encouraged anyone who desires such blessings and wealth to carefully study the life of Dr. Oyedepo, and diligently and committedly do what he does for God to enjoy such amazing blessings from God.

He said: “You must be interested and practice what he engage in, know for his heart for God and His Kingdom to enjoy the blessings of God. Simple thing like obeying the instructions of God, particularly in financial commitment to the growth and advancement of the Kingdom of God is very critical and important. In addition to that is soul winning, among several other spiritual and physical activities that does for God.

“It’s also very instructive to know that my spiritual father (Oyedepo) is a giver and never looks back when it comes to financial commitment to Kingdom advancement activities. Few days ago, he told us that he took the transport bill of church members who uses the church’s public transport system for one full year, in addition to several other things.”

In addition to that, Dr. Oyedepo, still goes out for evangelism. He visits markets, bus stops and other public places to speak to “sinners”, introducing them to Christ, following them up to ensure that they are established in faith.
“Being our spiritual father, we follow his footsteps. 

My wife and I are committed givers too, and we have been reaping the benefits of that in doublefold. In our little way, we have provided high capacity buses for use in bringing church members to church, not only in Goshen but other places.

“I have been blessed greatly for footing the bills of church members in different ways. Evangelism has become part of my life. I have been winning souls for Christ since 1979 and I will not stop.

“During the recent lockdown, God enabled me to distribute hundreds of bags of rice, thousands of food packages, among others things to several households who needed it. Due to trust, many people who could afford passed their palliatives through the church to reach hundreds of households with food and none food items,” he said.

He, thus, encouraged members to key into the practice of giving, which their spiritual fathers do in order to enjoy the financial fortunes that are abound thereof.

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