Book Alert: Overcoming Addictions _Joshua Generation

73% of People, with fire and Anointing, are suffering from one addiction or 
We know the truth, especially when we are alone, in the bathroom, in the 
bedroom, when no one is watching, when "angels have gone on a lunch break" 
and they are not watching, when "God is taking an afternoon nap" and the Holy 
Spirit "goes to ease himself"
That is when we discover that there is something.... Lemme not press further.
Brethren, we must fight this together, let's be that Generation that brought down 
the eternal stronghold of addiction vis-a-vis Sexual Addiction.
For ministers: Majority of us have this as a problem, I had it too, and I won't 
rejoice over conquering it, because I am also being watchful lest I become like 
You see, one of the things that helped me was and |Read more

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