Church gist: Who remembers Destiny Kids? Here is one of them who has found a soul mate_ How time flies

Most Nigerian kids grew up listening to the child singing group, Destined Kids. Made of five siblings, the song birds will fill up radio speakers with choruses of pleasant gospel tunes that made children dance and rejoice in the name of the Lord.
With their domination of the gospel industry, it was hard to believe they will ever stop singing. Having hit songs like Joy Joy Joy and many others, the Destined Kids were a delight to listen to every single time.
Years later, a lot of things have changed for the singing family and while music is not their creative expression anymore, they've grown into beautiful adults who are now leading normal lives like most of the kids they entertained in the past.
Favour and the rest of her siblings are undoubtedly completely grown now and look different from when they were just little kids

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