Article Update: You are not locked down - Daddy Mike Bamiloye


The Governent Locked Down the Church...
And You were Making Too Much Noise! 
Was Your Visions Locked Down? 
Was Your Dreams Locked Down? 
Was your Calling and Ministry Locked Down?
Was Your Revelation of God’s Mind Locked Down? 
Was Your Heaven Locked Down? 
Was Your Inspiration Locked Down?
Was Your Ministry Locked Down?
Was it not a BUILDING  that was Locked Down?
Was Your Purpose Locked Down?
Was it not a simple Gathering that was Locked Down?
Was Your Fellowship with God Locked Down? 
Was Your Eternal Purpose for Living Locked Down? 
Was Your Spiritual Eyes Locked Down?
Was Your Divine Utterance Locked Down?
Was Your Spiritual Life Locked Down? 

You Missed the Choir, Abi? 
You Missed the Ushers, Abi?
You Missed the Choruses and Worship, Isn’t it? 
But did you miss God? 
Did you miss Jesus?
Did you miss the Holy Spirit? 
When Paul and Silas were Locked Down, what did they do? 
Didn’t they cause an Earthquake? 
When Daniel was Locked Down in the Lion’s Den, 
Didn’t he turn the Lions to Pets? 
When the Three Hebrews were Locked Down in the Fiery Furnace, 
Didn’t they hold  Ministers Conference with Jesus in the Flame. 
Didn't they come out of the Fire 
And set the Nation on Revival Fire? 

You are Locked Down, 
You are making too much Noise! 
How many Books have you written since the Lock Down? 
How many Songs have you composed since the Lock Down? 
How Many Online Programs have you had Since the Lock Down? ! 

You were Locked Down and 
You became something else. 
You became so because that's what you were ever before the Lock Down. 
You were Locked Down  
And you became redundant. 
You became redundant because You had ever been Redundant before you were Locked Down! 

Was your Spirit Locked Down!
Was your Brain Locked Down! 
Was your Divine Reasons for Living Locked Down?
Was your Moment of Manifestations Locked Down? 
I thought you said you are a Man of Great Visions!
I thought You had always boasted that You are the Deborah of our Time! 
So Your Visions Were inside the Church Building! 
So, when the Building was Locked Down, your Visions were Locked Down inside the Building! 

Look at You! 
Child of God! 
You are not Locked Down! 
You are lying! 
Where is your Vision? 
Where is Your Zeal?
Where is Your Revelation? 
Where is Your Purpose? 
Is the Holy Spirit in You Locked Down? 
Is the Holy Ghost Power in You Locked Down?
Is the Wisdom of God in you Locked Down? 
Look Up! 
Is the Heaven not Opened over your Head?

Wake up!
When the Church is eventually opened soon, 
What Can You Look Back and Say You have Achieved for The Kingdom during the Lock Down?

You are NOT Locked Down When you are not yet Locked Down Six Feet below the Ground.
As Long As You Are Alive To Fulfill His Purpose, 
You Are Not Locked Down!

Mike Bamiloye

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