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Sister Grace in the choir department has just lost her virginity to one of those guys who claimed they are Naira Marley's fan. 

Next Sunday in Church, a meeting was held to address all the Godly sisters...

(Clears throats) 

"After all the 'daughter of Deborah' Conventions and 'Daughters of purity' Revival Camp meetings, Sister Grace still went ahead to defile herself. Now, she has brought shame to her family and this church. Well, it has happened. It has happened. Let's be praying for her. No one should get close her for now. Let's be careful so that we won't get entangled with her worldly lifestyle. Be prayerful and watchful. These are the end times. We don't know when Jesus will come. In fact, let's pray for her..." 

As the prayer session for 'defiled-sister-Grace' was going on, the Holy Spirit whispers to Sister Esther,

"Daughter, when you finish from church, GO STRAIGHT TO SISTER GRACE'S HOUSE." 

That was a strange instruction.

"But they said..."

"Shhh... You ought to obey God rather than men. Go Daughter." 

"What if they catch me there and discipline me?", she thought. 

"My daughter, dignity is not a fruit of the  Spirit. Joy is a fruit of the Spirit. You may lose dignity in the church but the JOY OF THE LORD IS YOUR STRENGTH." 


Everyone looked at the direction of Sister Esther who just shouted, "Hallelujah!"

"I hope all is well with you Sister Esther?" The Pastor asked. 

"Yes Saa.... Yes Sir... I'm... I'm fine... I'm fine Sir." 

Sister Esther normally shouts "Hallelujah!"  unconsciously when she receives rhema from the scripture or from the Holy Spirit. Her close friends know her for that.  She either shouted, "Glory to God!", "Hallelujah!" or "Praise God!"

"All right. Let's share the Grace in fellowship." 

Sister Esther spent some time to pray for Sister Grace and to listen to all the messages the Holy Spirit had for her. 

"Daughter of God, we're locking the church o." 

That was the gateman, trying to beckon on Sister Esther to hasten up. 

She bent down slightly to pick up her red shoe that had some white rose flower design. She quickly wore them. Pastor's wife has warned them not to wear the 'koi-koi' shoe again. 

"If I catch anybody wearing such shoe again in this church, you will pray for two hours after service!" 

No one joked with Pastor's wife. She was an action mama. 

Well, this red shoe she wore was an easy wear and it was a bit flat. 

 Sister Esther was not a controversial sister. 

"I'm coming, Sir!" 

Sister Grace lives in a ghetto area with her family members close the market square. It was about 1km from the church. Sister Esther passed through the market to her house. 

"Hello o... Anyone in?" 

After several knocks, there was no response. 

"Dem go village since last week o." Iya Sikira said, as she passed with some clothes to wash. 

"Happy Sunday Mama. Really?"

"Na so we see am. Dem give me one tuber of yam with one red oil for 7up gogoni (bottle) before dem comot. Na so the woman go carry..." 

The gist from Iya Sikira seemed like forever. 

Sister Esther just smiled all through as Mama kept talking and talking. 

"But why will the Lord lead tell me to come and see somebody that has travelled?" She thought. 

Sister Esther was confused. 

As she stepped out to leave the compound through the rusted black gate that had almost fallen off inside the gutter,


Sister Esther knew that was the Holy Spirit whispering to her. She put her white bible inside her bag, walked gently with her hands slightly on her waist as she went behind the house.

"Hmm... This must be her window." 

It was quite dusty, as she peeped through the window, she saw someone trying to tie a rope around the ceiling fan to commit suicide. 

Guess who it was? It was Sister Grace! 

"Ah! My sister, please don't do it. I'm here to help you." 

Sister Grace had lost so much weight. She looked wan, skinny and haggard. Her eyeballs were red due to the 

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