Article Update: Diary of a strong helped lady

I ran so fast out of my fears, yet they kept pursuing me.
I sort for comfort, yet my life kept being uncomfortable and unbearable.
I smiled to hide the scars and pains in my heart, yet my thoughts and mind ridiculed me.
But mehn, life looked sweet because I was crowded by people (Friends). I felt real betrayal😓, I knew the feelings gotten from hatred and loneliness.
The East became West to me, North turned to South, the four Cardinal point met at my head yet I believed *"I WOULD BE FREE"*

I drew my thoughts and designed it, yet no designer understood it. I slept with tears feeling forgotten yet my life was crowded.
I knew a man called *GOD* but I saw him as a usual person and going to church, a religion.
Dreams came but I woke up to Frustration. Family was my priority yet there were lots of Space travels.
Tensions in contemporary happenings, I wished I could get to a friend who would read out the printed part of my heart.

A light was flashed and it was from *Beulah and Beauty*, It dazzled like a star, I glanced through and knew I could see better through the light.
I felt his Mercy then I opened up, so that the light would penetrate through my heart.
Hey Buddy😔, haven't you felt light before, Like a *FLASH* I was Electrocuted, became defensive and turned the light to darkness using it against the Holder, yet the light kept coming my way.
Like a star, I shone yet I wasn't stable.

Now I stopped, ready to face and defeat my fears but I was left with No shadow.
Wow!! then I discovered I was in the tomb, the light had stopped shinning (the light was meant to draw me to the source).
Tears rolled down like water, yet it didn't bring back the light nor could my tears make a mighty ocean😭. It looked like Plague has fallen on me, Examination looked like herbal Advert, Life and love was seen as an ILLUSION😔..


Hey, I don't know if you get it but life is not an illusion, genuine love exist.
There is Glory behind every pain only if you work on the story.
I may not know how painful your story may be and how ugly your past looked, *Life is a series of Parting*, you have to thread on that part to encourage and help a nation (you are a solution to someone).
Today is that Tomorrow that was in the womb, today is your *LIFE*.
*GET ANGRY* because when you get angry, you awaken the real man in you!!!

Guard access to yourself  (Time is currency, God did not give you friends, he gave you time and you invest the time into people and created Friendship).

 You can scale through this; *JUST GO AFTER THE LIGHT SOURCE (GOD)*

*Diary of a strong helped Lady🤍*

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