Article Update: Dear God,I heard you are killing people..... I'm next

Dear God, i heard you are killing people... I'm next! 😢

I saw the recent happenings and I cried..
The gift of Prophecy you gave to your sons, some are using it to play bet 9ja.
Predicting how messi will be injured 32 mins into the match.

The sex you gave to man for marital bliss and reproduction, some of your daughters are using it to earn a living.
Seeing this fleshy dominance, i see you killed some willing people... I'm next.

The altar you gave us as a medium for access some are using it to embezzle funds from poor members.
Instead of some of your daughters to pray and work all they do is to slay and twerk.

The evangelism you  gave to us, some are using it to hook up with girls for bed purposes.
Some others are using it to talk out people from their churches and talk them into their own Church.. O God!
Seeing this fleshy dominance, I see you killed some willing people... I'm next.

Is it not Apostle Paul that said "I die daily?"
Daddy, why am I still alive yearly?
The flesh is still breathing.. Suffocate this thing to Death!
If not, we will be like those ones who are using the positive to fertilize the negative.

I've heard of how you killed people and in turn they began to live for you.. Do to me !
I've seen you kill people who in turn began to raise the dead..
Do to me !

I will never let you go unless you help kill my flesh
Dear God.. Do to me!


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