Article Update: Wanted - Intercessors


God's frontline activities at this season requires the urgency of intercessors.

There is an alarm for the raising and equipping of cave dwellers, some of you reading this have/will begin to have burden for prayers and it will be so intense that nobody around you can understand.

God may instruct you to go and tarry in a place for a season with no gospel but the beauty is that you are part of an army .

Not all of us are called to be on the stage, many of us like Anna and Simeon are called to stay in the cave.

These strange cave men are the ones who will give weight to what will happen on the stage.

Concerning Epaphras- a cave man, The Apostle Paul said in Colossians 4:12 KJV;
Epaphras, who is one of you, a servant of Christ, saluteth you, always labouring fervently for you in prayers, that ye may stand perfect and complete in all the will of God.

So why the church in colosse prospered was because Epaphras was praying and labouring intensely in intercession... He may not have had a title in church but some of these functionaries, even this world is not worthy of them.

These are the names that angels will salute because everything they did was from the purity of their hearts. They were not looking for a billboard to appear in or a microphone to handle.

Most of you will graduate from school and God will send you to caves for prayer because there is an urgency for prayer and intercessors.

For someone reading already, you may be under a sentence of prayer for many years if you don't labor in prayers, the church of Jesus Christ will be overcome by darkness.

And the reason why the church is standing is because men labored before we came and why we the church will stand till the next generation is because we must labor assiduously in the place of intercession.

What will the intercesion of these men do? It will generate energy to open territorial operations and make the gospel possible to enter nations.

Many will pray and the gates of China will open to the gospel, many will pray and gates of Taiwan will open, many will pray and the gates of India will open to the gospel. You may not understand the reason why you have such burdens as you have now but it is the move of the spirit .

Breakthrough for them is not driving a car or owning a house, but rather that in heaven they are mighty men and it is the voice of God that will determine the compass of their navigation.

These matters will require you listen much more to the voice of God else you may be dislocated from your pattern and no matter how big you are in time, in eternity you will be small. 

Ministry has moved from being  in a black jeep with tinted glass, from a private jet to men whose knees are bended in the place of prayer to bear the burdens of Jesus.

This is the plague that Satan is using now, many are not taught the strategy of heaven, we think Christianity is about our needs, gains and desire oh no..

A new breed is rising without greed,

Can we pray ? 

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