HOW HAS THE MIGHTY FALLEN_ Pst Benjamin Enweruzo

I write this with a heavy heart, a heart so burdened about the story of many great man who have walked and are still walking the streets of this earth.

How come a leader and mentor to many now needs to be mentored he has under God help people to overcome in past years.

How come a praying man who spends hours communing with God no longer have a prayer life.

How come the  love he/she profess he have for brethren when properly checked is list because he is after what he can get from people. Turning the anointing God entrusted into your hands into a source of livelihood. 

The man/woman  who studied the word to grow and know more of God now studies the same word just to preach.

The same person who people tremble when you step into a gathering where foolish talks are going on now is involved in discussing things that people should be ashamed of saying in public.

Can't you hear the voice of God's people crying asking you to stand firm. Are you not moved by cries of the distressed asking for help but its obvious you can't help because you are now a stranger to the secret place. Who will you cry to on their behalf? Us it the God you no longer know???? Selah....

I can hear the voice of mentees, brethren, your family crying *please sir/ma pray for me, am weak* can a man without a prayer life pray for fire to come on another man's altar??? Selah!!!!

But then there goes the voice of Jesus crying out to you saying " my beloved, my bride,my dove, my lover, my baby, please open the door for me, it's so cold out here" because as powerful as he is, he can't just break into your heart until we open up for him.....

Wait can't you even see that the holiness you preach is not reflecting in the life that you live??. How can revival come when the personal altar of the man of God has not been repaired. Don't you know a fruit is good because the tree is also good.

Is your problem not obvious to you that you are trying to get the loyalty of people by testimonies God wrought with you in the past or while on campus... What about now??...

Every new level in God requires some forms of sacrifice and you can't fake sacrifice because in the realm of the spirit, sacrifice has a voice.

You are comfortable no one knows about your secret sin, what you don't know is that you are stripping yourself of your ranks in the spirit....

God has been trying to separate you from people and things so that he can remould you, but it has not been fruitful

Can't you see that your social media followers , mentees, sons and daughters are not interested in knowing if you had your time today or not.
If you love the body of Christ, you will retreat more than you preach. Many have fallen because of pride,fame, immortality, etc. Let him that thinks he stands, take heed lest he falls..
Its a holy journey

Cry for fire again, cry for intimacy.
The devil is after genuine men on the altar. He will pay anything even up to half  of the kingdom to get john the Baptist head. he is after yours too...

A cry for the ministers. That you saw your father nakedness as a son doesn't exempt you from making same mistake. Ask God for grace........ Selah!!!!

Yours in his vineyard
Benjamin Enweruzo

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