I'm about celebrating 10 YEARS IN DRAMA

and I cant even begin to list out the things I've learnt over the years...

It took me 3 years to be able to compile it into courses.

I and my team will be teaching drama 

•Costuming/Make up

• Acting & Practicals

• Directing/ assisting

• Drama monetization

• Script writing 

• Movie crew/ drama group management

All these packages are weaved into 16 powerful courses that we will teach in a span of 3 months.

This is my way of appreciating God for giving me this gift.

Beautiful thing is that it's a WhatsApp class and lecture time is favourable.

If you know you have acting in you, you love drama or it is a career you want to chase. Please send me a dm on WhatsApp now

08151164483 so that I can add you to the forum.

After graduation, you will be brought in officially into our Film Production house where you can be part of anything we are shooting.


Tag those you love and feel will do well in drama on this post

• No calls, just WhatsApp (08151164483)

• The fee is very affordable

• I will be taking in first 20 on a discount.. I pray you are among them.


•Peculiar Emmanuel (Director)

#Peq #FireClandramaacademy


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