WOUNDED SOLDIER:What would have Led to the downfall of Pastor Bayo_ by John Mercy

I'd love to tell you a story of the lead pastor of Overcomers Chapel.  It is a well known Church on campus that has groomed so many believers and brought sinners to Christ. 

Brother Bayo who is the lead pastor of this Church was once my fellowship president. On the day of the handover, I can remember Brother Bayo rolling on the floor and praying fervently asking that God grants him grace to be a good shepherd of the flock.. Hands were laid on him and he was announced to president of the fellowship. 

This was where his training began, Brother Bayo with the oil flowing from the presidential sit and his knowledge of Scriptures began to preach the Gospel with all seriousness and fervency, he never missed his prayer and study time as he always shared with the congregation during Sunday service. 
It was obvious that the hand of God was upon him but this lasted for only a while. 

Brother bayo began to associate with other leaders from different churches, some of which were wolves in sheep clothing, those of whom instead of feeding the flock, fed on the flock. They introduced him to their way of life telling him he could do whatever he likes as the president and nothing will happen. They made him see the office as a platform to fulfil his personal desires and not the desires of God. That was how our papa fell. Oh , how art the mighty fallen. 

Brother Bayo who once led prostitutes to Christ started leading them to his bed. He who was once concerned about reaching our to souls with substance began enriching his own pocket with the fellowship Finance. 

Everything he spoke on the pulpit ended there because he was only speaking the truth and just living a lie. 

Brother Bayo knew Scriptures but it was never reflected in his daily living. I, sister juliet served under him as the welfare director and I was privileged to frequent the secretariat where I caught our almighty papa several times masturbating and satisfying his sexual desires with the pictures of naked ladies. He was even sleeping with girls in the fellowship all in the name of mentorship. He became proud and presumptuous, never receiving corrections and always talking about honour. 

Brother Dayo became a shadow of himself.
Due to all these happenings, the fellowship began to die, everyone could see the void and emptiness created by our so called leader. The glory of God departed and men left to seek God else where because he was no longer there. 

I, Juliet was about leaving too.. I couldn't take it any more, my fellowship had become the talk of the campus for negativity. Oh how I wished things will become better, but day after day. It became worse.. 

I was on my way to the secretariat to drop my file when the Holy spirit ministered to me, He asked me to pray for bro bayo for two hours every day.. I couldn't believe my ears, God could this be you? After all he has done?. God responded by promptings in my spirit. That was how I began praying for him,  everyday.. As time went on some people joined me. We kept praying for our captain who has been wounded in battle, a lion who has forgotten his identity and has begun to feed on grass like the goat. Once a fruitful field who has now become a desert. 

We had prayed for barely 7days when we began to see changes, Bro bayo announced during the leaders meeting  that he no longer wants to occupy the office of the president due to the fact that God has instructed him to go on a retreat.i am consumed with lust, he said.  He left the pulpit and began to seek God. He threw away his idols and those friends that showed him the ways of Babylon left him... 

For one month, brother bayo was hidden in the caves seeking God.. and when he returned. It was noised all over the campus that a prodigal son has returned home. 

He returned in the power of the spirit and it was from that retreat that His Church_ Overcomers Chapel was birthed 

There are so many men that God will continue to use of we don't give up on them.. Soliders wounded on the battle field that needs to be treated and not killed.

©Unique Vessel

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