About Us:

FireClan Drama Academy is a scope of FireClan Network projected towards raising  generals in Drama(Screen & Stage) towards publicizing the Church.

This concept first runs as a 3 months (online or onsite) tutorship slot for admitted students who eventually graduate into the F.d.a Production family.

Here are a list of things you stand to gain once you are part of this concept:

1) Every Successful graduand of the academy is issued a certificate of Participation.

Our brand is registered in the CAC and a partner with the ACT scheme.

This gives the Certificate authenticity and validity to be a boost to your C.V when applying for movie roles in other productions.

2) Every Successful graduand is entitled to unlimited Participation in Fireclan movies or drama ministrations. 

This means, as long as a graduand is around and as long as a role is fitting to the graduand, such roles can be assigned to him/her.

3) Every Successful graduand is given a variety of oppurtunity and access to learn production practically in our movie camps.

So as a part of the family, you have freedom in joining us at Locations.

4) Every graduand is given access to our movie camps, drama Rehearsal and Auditions.

5) Once a Graduate of FDA always a Graduate of FDA. 

This means, your membership cannot be taken away from you except on grounds of behavioural ill mannerisms or failure to comply to rules in update.

6) F.D.A gives you a wide oppurtunity to Connect with actors, directors and producers.

This gives you easy grounds to begin your journey into the world of acting.

7) It is not possible to be a successful Graduate (Theory & Practical) and not be good in an aspect of drama.

8) Best performing students are granted certain incentives like

• Aided transportation to Locations

• Employment in the Academy as a staff.

9) In FireClan Drama Academy... Your exposure begins.

We have a means of bringing your talent into lime light as our ministrations are seen by many to the Glory of God

10) FireClan Drama Academy offers you the most affordable fees that you will ever see in Production houses.

This is because our target is mainly souls, development and not money.

Nevertheless, owing to the economic decline, this cost will sky rocket soon.. so the earlier one registers, the better.

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