2024 is going to be the year of great harvest 

We are going to have results that we have never seen before 

It means we are going to become a multitude, it also means individually every one of us will become a giant 

The least one among us will become as strong as David, and the small of shall become a great nation. 

2024 is a year where potentials are going to be harnessed. 

Possibilities in the spirit is going to be seen in the lives of individuals. 

People whom we thought were weak and fable, will suddenly become giant phenomenon in different territories and different strata. 

In 2024, every individual who will connect and lay hold of the word that the Lord has given, will become as mighty and big as a city, and then become a great nation

I'm wondering what will become of our church meetings, because there will be no space for us literally, because we are going to be surging in number both in the location and in the nation's 

If we were in millions we are going to break into hundreds of millions because that's what the Lord is going to be doing in 2024 

Because it's the year if the great harvest, there is going to be a surge of light in the spirit among evert one of us. 

Encounter Jesus ministries is going to be a house hold name 

In 2024, we are going to see some things thats going to be going viral and not just for the vitality , but will prick the hearts of men and will draw them to the kingdom. Even if it is what they have heard before, the freshness of how we are going to say it, will cut the heart of men 

In 2024, It's not going to be about one super start shining, it's going to be about the light breaking upon each and every one of us, so that the least among us will become so productive , because of the light he carries. 

There's going to be light released on every one of us, that's the first thing God is doing 

There will be great empowerment like we have never seen before 

There shall be financial empowerment 

There shall be super natural financial empowerment 

There shall be influence, influential empowerment 

It's going to be a year of extraordinary miracles 

It's going to be a year of great partnership, the year of great synergy the year of great connections

Source - Encounters Jesus Ministries 

Transcribed by Rechabites MEDIA

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