Husbands, SIX sacrifices God requires you to make for your home this year. 

1. The sacrifice of Priesthood: This new year, give yourself the challenge of carrying the spiritual weight of the family, God demands this of you. There are gates providing access in and out of your home, if you are discerning enough to see it. It's not your wife's job to provide spiritual covering, it's yours.

2. The sacrifice of Government: It is your responsibility as the head to bring Government into your home. By this I mean, ORDER. 

Pay the price to build solid structures around your home, Kingdom values your home should be built on. Your wife can only do better at nurturing and preserving whatsoever foundations you have established in the home. 

3. The sacrifice of provision: This year, push yourself to make your family more comfortable than they were last year. Certain neccesities of life should not be a struggle from year to year. 

4. The sacrifice of Parenting:

Do all you can to be involved in your children's life. God bless you for providing their needs, but in this generation we know provision is no longer enough, you have to be involved in the life of your children; their school, social life, Godly upbringing and associations, etc. This means you have to prioritise your time to be available for them.

5. The sacrifice of protection: it is your duty to protect your home from anyone and anything seeking to pull your marriage apart. Be mindful of your friendships and connections with others outside your marriage. Create healthy boundaries to curb excesses and dishonour from family members on your home.

Your home comes first.

6. The sacrifice of faithfulness: This is not a sacrifice, this should be a way of life for you as a believer. Make a covenant with your eyes; that you shall desire no other woman than your wife for as long as you live. 

Trust me, there is nothing better out there. I'm praying for you.




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