14 Routines you should practice in your relationship this year_Alyson Hyacintho


14 Routines you should practice in your relationship this year.

1. Pray together on the phone as the first thing you do before going ahead to talk about love and other cxxhrhrjdjfjfjfkdkdk..

2. Let the one who is wrong apologise first without being defensive. 

3. Learn to pursue communication between activities in your day. Do not get used to the habit of calling at 10pm when it's convenient.

4. Come up with a Bible study plan for the month. E.g, In January we are studying the book of Acts.

5. Fast together ATLEAST once a month. Twice a month would be a great extension to your spiritual  stamina. 

6. Begin to get used to each other's family and friends circle if you are serious about marriage in 2024. 

7. Discipline yourself not to bring up issues from the past into new disagreements.

8. Make a covenant with your tongues never to use or exchange abusive words with each other, even when joking.

9. Work on becoming accountable to a leader your spirit aligns with through purposeful mentorship.

10. Check on each other's mental health. Your partner might be going through tough seasons. Assumption is not a love language.

11. Take responsibility for each other's relationship with God. If one falls, both have fallen. 

12. Give yourselves a target of souls to win for God for the year. And outline strategies on how the goal can be achieved.

13. List out your feasible investment plans and start positioning to achieve them within your first year of marriage. 

14. Cut out every temptation for sexual sin. Push each other to stay sexually pure until the final aisle. 




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