There is this young man called okpolo,he is an instrumentalist and God was really using him mightly behind the pulpit.

He played melodies that got angels dancing and notes that rhymed with the exact sounds the seraphims in Heaven were making for God to find expression in each program he(Okpolo) found himself. 

He was infact not just an instrumentalist but a sound priest.

Different pastors and churches were calling him to play during their revival sessions/meetings.

It was that serious that he was already getting invitations to play outside the state of his residence.

Other instrumentalists that were friends with him became jealous and were asking themselves questions like"no be the same instrument way Okpolo dey play way we dey play?... among all of us self na him skillful pass?"

they all responded "NO".

Little did they know that so many are called but few are chosen.

little did they also know that Okpolo found delight in the secret place,and always stayed,and also didn't have the lifestyle of most instrumentalists today.

But something happened to Okpolo that got me shading tears....

Despite the invitations he had to several programs just to play instruments,they never appreciated the talent and Anointing.

most times he used his money to transport himself and the churches will end up saying"God bless you".

While some gave him the exact money for his transportation without at least adding an extra,and they will tell him "thank you for this sacrifice"

Most times when Okpolo used his money to transport himself,he receives more than a thousand "God bless you"meanwhile the money left in his account is not up to a thousand naira.

A time came when he was disappointed and needed to take care of himself.

A certain day came;while surfing the internet,he saw the advert that one of the biggest secular music label in the country needs an instrumentalist for one of their upcoming artist,and that the instrumentalist will be paid weekly... Okpolo decided to jump into this opportunity and went for the audition.

 As darkness recognizes light,they already knew who was to be selected out of about six hundred instrumentalist that came.

The result was announced and Okpolo was the winner!

Okpolo was happy and glorified God for lifting him not knowing that God already started weeping for the mistake made by the church as a collective body.

After Okpolo received his first wage from the music label,he was told never to step into churches to play.

he questioned them but they went back and brought out the contract he signed in anxiety without reading the terms and conditions after hearing the amount he was to be paid.

They opened the middle document and showed him where he signed that he will never host God anymore.

he said he didn't see that,but they said it was already late because he had already signed.

Okpolo couldn't do anything but to cry and continue in the secular industry leaving his music ministry.

The angels that danced at his melodies were sad and God mourned because heaven lost a priest to the devil.

in this kingdom,we rather loose money than loose souls.


Samuel Chisom 

Fire Clan Network

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