MY +1 STORY (PART 4) || CULT PATHWAY_ Peculiar Emmanuel


"Small Stout" was the name they gave to me because I was small in size but very tricky in evil innovations.

When I got admission into the school I studied in (Abia state University) I had this one choice to be free, trust me when I say serving God was the least of my plans despite the pastoral background that I'm from.

Because of accomodation issues I stayed with a friend who lived at the outskirt of the campus. 

During this period I became friends with a group of boys who will always send me on errands to buy "Weed" over the security base.

I was successful in all the errands they sent me, because no security personnel ever suspected that I will be with any substance judging from my small size and innocent face. 😂

This made them love me and even made them buy stuffs for me.

I knew they were cult people but I was comfortable with the temporal enjoyment.

The splendor ended the day we had a plot to rob phones from Business block in a night class.. I was supposed to be the one who will carry the bag and once it's lights out I'll go and pack phones.

That day I went into school in the evening and saw a place they were doing drama rehearsals, because of my love for acting.. I joined them, they tried me immediately and I did exceedingly well, they gave me the Role of God, because I had a lot of scriptures to quote ..

It was late already so I could not go back to the lodge that night to prepare for the snatching.. so I stayed back in school that night .

It was Dawn, I hurridly went to prepare for the drama (I had in mind to show off my acting skills) I stepped into school totally forgetting that there was an agenda to fulfill last night.

The popular Cell (Sanko) of my school had a van packed in front of it, I clearly saw some boys on just boxers only.. so I asked someone who the boys were and she said "Na boys wey go business block go thief phone for night"

Goosebumps stood like horns on my skin.. I sneakingly proceeded to Church make Dem no begin shout "Small Stout!" 😂

You need to see the Full glory of God experienced in the meeting.. for the First time in my life I saw people dragging my gown and crying to the altar as I was acting God.. I was broken!

This made me believe that when God has a plan for someone the devil has a scheme from it too..

I didn't join the cult group, but I was their tool.

Who knows the story we would have told about me now. 

That was the start of my Drama ministerial life and the end of my negative strive. 

Small Stout now doing big scout for Christ.

I've been burdened for years seeing that a lot of young gifts are thwarted for negativity...

It is on this strength that we will embark on a movie project against cultism, Addictions and lust acts which was one of our horns in the gang... 

if you will like to give me a birthday gift, it is to financially support this project with any thing you can.

This project is very costly, but if it is for souls, then nothing is too much




To you reading this, Jesus has not given up on you, dont give up on yourself.

There is no fake #5,000 Because there is no real one yet.. The devil only plots to imitate and distract.. making a prophet by design a good bet addict...seeing scores instead of visions, making an Evangelist a good hook up person...leading men to bed and not Christ.

You too can be helped.


Today I celebrate not just my Birthday

But I celebrate the People God is using to build me

I celebrate Gods grace upon my life

I celebrate my Biological Parents who never stooped praying.

I celebrate my mentors and priests.

I celebrate the land Ph_Eneka where we labour with our brethren

I celebrate the Vision God has given to me [Fire Clan Network] and her management.

God is still helping us

God is still fixing us

I love you all.

©Peq 27/23 [Peculiar Emmanuel]






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