I believe you need to understand how a husband and a wife technology works;

Men communicate for information, and women communicate for affection.

If you know this my friend, you have known peace in your marriage.

For instance when a man says he is having a headache, he knows where to find the pharmacy, and how to get himself some Panadol. He is only informing you that his head aches, and that maybe now is not a good time to cooperate with your village people to stress his life不. It is not 'sorry baby' he wants, he is just giving you an important information with an undertone of 'I have told you now o, I need some rest.'

But when the other gender that performs magic says she is having a headache, she doesn't need you to panic to the pharmacy, she is first of all informing you that needs your love and attention more than she needs that Amatem. It is not panadol extra she needs as your first response, the first aid she needs at the moment is your affection extra.

But most men don't get this, they response that comes to uncle's mind is "have you taken any medication?"

No Sir, wrong answer.

Or let me rephrase; right answer at the wrong timing.

That question is very important, but it is not as important as telling her "sorry baby" like 20,000 times. While at that, you have to feel her temperature like 32 times otherwise that medication will not work. 不不

Very amazing gender. 

Don't forget that after doing all this ceremony, she might say it's not a headache anymore, it's a stomach upset inside back pain and her left ear is paining her. My brother nobody forced you to get married, you think its by wearing white suit and white shoe in your prewedding photo? Uncle you will hear it.

By the way, after she takes her medication you need to go back and do it all over again, I mean the affection thingie. No jokes, I have come to understand that a woman can decide whether a drug works or not. I'm telling you, when you start carrying your face anyhow, you will buy glucose and Nutri-C for her tire, plus the massages for two weeks.不不

Few days ago I got home from a tiring day out and the first thing my wife told me was that she couldn't stand for long because she's feeling pains. I simply asked her why she didnt try sitting down, and then I walked away. Which isn't wrong anyway, if your legs are paining you why can't you just be sitting down na, ha!



She wasn't looking for a remedy at that time, neither was she asking for my professional advice , she was calling for my attention. All she wanted to hear was "eyaaa, eyaaa, eyaaa, sorry, is it better now? Sorry o, do you want to lick icecream?"

Even though icecream has nothing to do with her hurting legs, but guess what, it will heal it faster than aboniki balm.

Learn this dynamics guys, it is peace on a whole different level.

These days my wife helps me alot with this. I mean, she gives me pointers to the kind of affection she needs. Each time I try to ignore her feelings she will say "babe tell me sorry, tell me welldone, tell me the meal is delicious, tell me my dress is pretty, tell me, tell me, tell me."

And trust me guys it help alot, cos men won't always remember this,  including me your teacher forming pro.

So dear aunties, be like my wife. lol. help bring your man's attention to the affections you need at the time. Instead of always faulting him and making yourself unhappy, give him pointers, every godly man will work on becoming better, I know this.

God bless every home out there.





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