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A popular 12hours prayer meeting was fixed and as usual it was going to be led by a group of burning young men.

Believers decided to attend and pray down heaven,  little did they know that demons were also planning to attend and pray down hell.

The prayer meeting started and the first minister started With prayer of revival, they prayed tirelessly, aggressively and with so much Holy anger, little did they know that demons were praying with them aggressively too.

A lot of postures for the photographer to snap, but even as the demons did their postures the camera couldn't capture them.

The next minister came up and some other demons came

Up too.. On the Pulpit? Yes, on the pulpit 

It was his bid to pull people out of the pit

But it was their bid to put people into the pit.

Prayer of purity was made and people ran crying to the pulpit. I felt, this one will be different.. But lo, demons trooping to the pulpit too for the call.

Well, it was a pulpit and not an altar.

It got to the last phase after all power move, of which demons helped some people fall and dance _ nevertheless the minister felt it was his anointing playing out the falling and chair-breaking wonder.

He said.. "1,2,3 Holyghost Move" but there was no Holyghost, so..the demons moved.. 

Well.. The prayer meeting was about ending at the 12th hour so they all were saturated and they sat down to listen to the brother who was to give the announcement.. 

No instrument, nothing and he said "Quickly before we take praise for the offering kindly open your Bibles to

John 4:24;

God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him IN SPIRIT AND IN TRUTH

Wait! _ I got the message but even the brother didn't and he told them to dance for the offering and the demons danced too.

Little did the brother know that the scripture he quoted was the peak of that service.

As I sat, I asked.. 

Me: " Lord, why will demons come to your house and do almost everything and leave untouched"

God: The place the demons are,I wont touch them they(man) are the ones to touch and remove them.

Me: How? In your house? Your prayer meeting? How can't you fight against the demons?

God: Those demons didn't come on their own accord, they came with the prayer warriors.. The place they are located is in their hearts and not the Cooperate Church_ it is their choice to make.

Demons of carnality, people praying to compete, people praying for the Cameras projection and not for my hands extension, people praying because of instruments and not because of burdens, lust and Grudges!_ these are the demons you saw.

The scripture the young boy read was my message but no discernment! It is Worship in Spirit and in Truth.. But they worshipped maybe in acclaimed  Spirit but not in Truth.

I wept bitterly as I saw young souls come out of the prayer meeting of

urs but with even more than 12 demons accompanying them.

Few hours after the meeting the people who fell on the ground and broke chairs were seen breaking beer bottles and falling into gutters

The weeping lady went back to becoming a slaying lady

The one who caught the mantle of Katherine Khulman was seen later that day nudely with the one she excused as just a "Caring Cool man"

How will I tell them that praying in tongues is Good, but Praying in the Spirit is best?

How will I tell them that catching the fire is good, but keeping the fire is best?

How will I tell them that running to the pulpit is good, but running to the Altar is best?

How will I tell them that falling under the anointing is good but standing in the anointing is best?

How do I tell them that Capital letter prayer is good, but Capital brokenness and sincerity of heart is best?

How will I tell them not to confuse fire for the loudness of the speaker and the presence of the Holy Spirit for the goosebumps and tears?

How do I even tell myself these things before telling them?

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