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Friday, 2nd June, 2023


Loving God means keeping his commandments, and his commandments are not burdensome.

1 John 5:3 NLT

It's a popular matter that it's important to love God. And many people have got their ideas or definitions of what love means. But love is correctly defined by the one being loved, or by the one who has a perfect understanding of love. For example, if someone says they love you, but don't treat you in a way you feel loved, you wouldn't really appreciate their love.

Because you know that if a person truly loves you, they'd pay attention to how you want love expressed to you, and not just how they wish to express it. So also it is with God. His word tells us just what it means to love Him.

God makes it clear how to express our love for Him. It's beautiful to say it, it's beautiful think it and affirm it, but if you really love God, you'd pay attention to how He wants you to express love to Him. He says, loving Him means keeping His commandments. It's really that simple. If you really love God, don't just say it. Actually pay attention to keeping His commandments.

And thank God His commandments aren't burdensome as many think. He actually tells us the easiest way to keep them. They aren't burdensome. He said, come to me all who are yoked and heavy Laden and I'll give you rest. He says take my yoke, (my commandments) for they are easy and my burden is Light. Glory to God 

Affirmation: I thank you dear Lord for filling me with your love, through the Holy Spirit in my heart. I thank you Father because your commandments are not burdensome. Your yoke is easy and your burden is light. I choose to walk in obedience, in Jesus mighty name, amen.

Further Reading: Joshua 1:8, Revelation 2:4-5

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