House of Salem International Ministries has announced the launch of a cryptocurrency, Kingdom Coin.

A statement titled, ‘The Kingdom Coin (TKC) Cryptocurrency Is A Great Vision That We Must Embrace, released by Prophet Joel Ogebe, the Pioneer, House of Salem Church, Gwarinpa, Abuja, on Friday, said Kingdom Coin was launched on May 1, 2023.

The statement read, “Thanks be to God who has empowered the church to triumph gloriously in every area of dominion according to his good pleasure.

“Kingdom wealth transfer is one of the warfare strategies of God at this end time to aid the church in spreading the gospel mandate and bringing the nations into obedience to the gospel.

“Since we are at war and the mountains of influence of this world must be subdued and made into the mountain of God, it is expedient that we conquer every aspect of society including the financial world, taking advantage of every possibility offered to us for the righteous advancement of God’s kingdom.”

The statement added that Kingdom Coin is “a kingdom-oriented agenda providing a Goshen system for the body of Christ ahead of the anticipated global economic meltdown.

“By prophetic revelation, we have discerned that in the coming days, the world is about to go through a great financial restructuring, a trial by economic collapse that will see banks fold up and businesses crumble.

“By the wisdom of God, build on the blockchain, a kingdom-oriented cryptocurrency ecosystem that will help the church navigate through the coming storm.”

Prophet Joel Ogebe

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