FUNNY BUT INSPIRING _ Praise sings on forge series


I know you've got JOY IN CHAOS.

Yes , I'm aware that you've got PEACE THAT MAKES NO STRENGTH.

I'm not surprised that you won't be going under, you even declared boldly that you're NOT HELD BY YOUR OWN STRENGTH.

Then you now summed it up with "I built my life on JESUS".

Then in a twinkle of an eye ! This Same you is now "UNAVAILABLE", to the point where "WE NO DEY SEE YOU".


This is just a simple explanation to the rise and fall you've been having in Consciousness and life in the spirit.

You might not know and your ignorance doesn't change the Truth of what I'm about saying.

sounds or songs as you call them preferably are spirit transportation systems, this means they take you into the reality of their birth place.

A song or sound that talks about women and lustful cravings Will leave your soul with it's darkened energy.

A sound that is blessed with divinity will take you back into the reality of the God experience.

sounds when given the power of access into a persons life through the gate of the soul will invite and bring in the spirits that powered the song into the persons life.

This is why some people started struggling with negative habits after feeding on a particular strange sound.

Let's be discreet and Discerning in this last days, Baal has no business in the ark of God.


Photo Credit : Ndieze Izunna 


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