THE RAISE AND RISE OF Apostle Orokpo Michael

THE RAISE AND RISE OF Apostle Orokpo Michael 

Earlier today I was just reminiscing and I saw how God indeed makes everything beautiful in his time. Just 4years back Apostle Orokpo Michael was a classroom teacher at Mount saint Gabriel secondary school in Makurdi Benue State Nigeria, earning 19,000naira ( 52USD using 2019 rates) monthly. Fervently and passionately labouring among his then students, teaching them about Jesus Christ and baptising them in the power of the Holy Ghost. 

Then SUDDENLY, the nations came calling and the rest is history. Like a torrent he poured himself to the nations quenching the thirst of many and triggering hunger in the live of millions of people in Africa and across Europe with the undiluted word of life and the power of the Holy Ghost.

Earlier this evening I was streaming his meeting in Zambia and all I could see was how mightily God can use any man that avails himself to him, I saw the beauty of aligning one's self to the ultimate will of God  and I also saw how God is a no respecter of persons and how He shows mercy on whom he would show mercy and  how He lift the bagger from the dunghill and makes him to sit with princes .

In conclusion, we can't tell how far we can go with God until we begin to walk and work with him ..

©Samson otsonu

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