Once she asks you, Hope your girlfriend will not be mad?

She is shooting her shot sir. That question is more like trying to confirm your availability for her readiness.

Women can be bold in the office, can be  bold in the place of prayer, they can be  bold When they are trying to get that bussiness deal, but you see when it comes to shooting their shot, especially those women with the fear of God, they are not too bold to come out straight to ask you out, I mean, maybe only few who have chew bitter cola, can come outrightly to ask for a relationship.

But the WhatsApp group where I belong, we just drop lines behind the walls to push our interest..

"What is a fine guy like you doing without a ring" my brother she is trying to confirm something.

I love cooking a lot but I end up forgetting them in my freezer I don't mind sharing with you" Again she is showing some interest.

I know I cannot pray like your mother, but I don't mind joining my voice with here's to bring your answer faster" again my brother all na positioning.

Please brothers, don't take too long to understand this lines, respond with a date, or better still let her know you are not available so you don't keep hope alive..

Aunty you can drop some other lines so that the receiver can come to awareness..

T for thanksgiving..





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