Love, Light and Life

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Saturday, 1st April, 2023


For as in Adam all die, even so in Christ all shall be made alive. I Corinthians 15:22 NKJV

When we were born from from our parents on earth, we were born according to their human nature. This human nature is the nature man obtained as a result of the fall of Adam and Eve in the garden. This fallen nature is what has gone on to be called the human nature. It is the result of sin.

And the wages, the product, the result of sin is death. So in essence, the human nature is an experience of death. And this is what every person is born into at their natural birth. Thus we were born into the nature of Adam, and so in Adam, all die (1 Corinthians 15:22). All live in the death experience. But this is why Christ came.

Jesus paid in totality, our penalty of death. And delivered us from the human nature, by birthing us again in his own nature. That's what it means to be born again. So when we were born before, we are born in the nature of Adam, the experience of death, but now we're born again, we are born in the nature of Christ, the experience of life. Glory to God!

So all who are in Adam, live in the death experience; sins, sicknesses, depression, anger, hate, fear and so on. All these are the experiences of the human nature. But in Christ hallelujah, we live in the experience of life, being made alive with God! We are a new creation, and therefore we must think and talk as such. So that we will experience this new life to the full!

Affirmation: I am born again, not of the fallen corruptible nature of man, but I'm born of the glorified nature of God. Through His word which I believed, life has been imparted to me. Now I live the life of Christ. Glory to God! Hallelujah.

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